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5 Benefits of Investing in Event Management Software

The advent of event Technology has completely changed the way event planners organize events. With the growing popularity of this technology, attendees have also started expecting it at events, making it imperative for event planners. According to a report from Frost and Sullivan, the event management software industry is around $28 billion, with a steady compound annual growth rate of 3.3%. The same study also revealed that 80% of event planners are using event management solution in some form or the other.

If you are part of that 80% group, then you would know the importance of event management solution. But if you aren’t then there is some serious catching up to do. Why are event management solutions and platform growing in popularity and is your business really missing out on this valuable solution?

To answer these questions and a lot more, let us have a look at some of the top reasons why you might want to invest in it. The benefits mentioned in the blog are limited, but these solutions can unleash the unlimited potential of your events!

Benefit #1. Enhance Attendee Engagement

Event ROI is more than just doing the numbers. It includes intangible results like attendee engagement. But engaging attendees is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you don’t have the technology by your side. But with the right event management software, you can exponentially increase engagement among your attendees. It allows you to create a community of attendees and drives conversation around your event on social media platforms. Event management software also allows gamification during the event, in return keeping your attendees excited and engaged throughout. And perhaps the biggest benefit of all this is that you can collect all this information and discover unique trends around your event theme, content, speakers, etc.

Benefit #2. Improve Productivity Through Automation

Event management software automates your manual processes and increases productivity of your team. It acts as an extension of your team and helps you stay more focused on the creative side of your event. By automating your email outreach, payment collection or manual data entering, you can focus on more important aspects of event planning such as attendee engagement, event content, etc.

By automating data flow from one system to another, you can reduce human errors such as mistype or misspelling. You can also automate the follow-up processes such as sending thank you emails, reminder emails and missed you emails. And yes, by collecting post-event feedback through event management software you don’t have to worry about manually entering data to analyse the trend and overall attendee satisfaction of your events.

Benefit #3. Increase Event ROI

Event management software can help you increase productivity and decrease event cost, thereby increasing the ROI of your event. If you are still wondering how then let us look at some instances of how this valuable tool can make you an event rock star. When your attendees are engaged at your event, they are more likely to return to your event or recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues. One simply cannot underestimate the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Another way event management software boosts ROI is by increasing productivity and reducing costs. In the last point, we discussed how automation can help increase productivity. Now let’s have a look at how you can reduce cost. By electronically disbursing event content, you can reduce the printing cost and work within paper-thin budgets. With the electronic copy of your event content, you can make last-minute changes and not worry about the added cost of getting the material reprinted. It also saves the hassle of carrying a bulk load of event content for the attendees.

Other ways event management software helps increase ROI is by boosting event attendance, which is also our next point.

Benefit #4. Increase Attendance Through Targeted Marketing

Event management software allows you to promote your event in a more targeted way. This, in turn, makes your marketing a lot more effective and increases attendance. After all, spray and pray marketing is never successful nor desired. Once you know your attendees’ interest and preferences, you can send them customised messages and make them feel valuable. With event management software, you can tailor your messaging according to individual preferences and even send customised follow-ups. That is not all, data segmentation based on your attendees’ interest level can also help you send bulk messages to your audience in no time.

Benefit #5. Makes You Look Professional

Event management software streamlines the planning process and creates a seamless event experience. It makes you look more professional and gives you a competitive advantage over planners who are still using manual processes.

Event management software automates your planning process and supports your planning activities from start to finish – right from creating a registration page, sending invites to on-site check-in, post-event feedback surveys and event data analysis. With data right in front of you, you can make informed decisions and enhance your future experience.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, event management software is more than just an added expense; it works as an extension of your team to deliver seamless event experience. It brings together everything and everyone required for creating great events – from HR, admin to sales and finance. The right event technology can help you increase attendance and improve productivity. By giving you the right event data, it will help you make informed decisions and improve event ROI.

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