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All Your Queries About Latest Event Management App Features

Some questions people never stop asking, after every event, is how and what could have gone into making the event even better. The scope of improvement is always there whether it be during the planning phase, the development phase or the execution phase. New technologies are being developed for businesses every day where it has also become an important means of heightening the sought experience of any event. Businesses, too, are keen on investing in technologies that could be useful for events’ project management.

This section addresses questions about readily available technological aids like event management app that are the latest for organizing B2B and B2C events.

What are some of the planning tools used in special events management?

Event management app is the new on-the-go approach to the pre-existing event management software.  Event management software provides all individuals involved in organizing an event a virtual convergence to share the process and progress of an ongoing event. Whether it be large-scale corporate events like conferences, trade shows, concerts, festivals, ceremonies and conventions, the days of the old-fashioned way of project management with paper binders, spreadsheets and multiple applications and emails are gone. Event management app solutions take it a step further by bringing this new project management technology on to the mobile device. These solutions are now helping in every step of managing the event, from recognizing the right audience, developing the event concept theme, laying out the execution of the event all managed with a swipe of a finger.

Where Can the Event Management App Technology Be Used?

The event management app technology can be used for most B2B or B2C events. These include industry events like conferences, trade shows, meetings, expositions, roundtable, enterprise, etc. Moreover, these apps can be customized for large-scale personal events as well.

How Does an Event Management App work?

The event management App, today, brings in an added layer of convenience over existing software solutions. It brings in added efficiency to the process that goes on to make a successful event, by organizing all your information in a convenient form and developing an efficient workflow that allows for managing and streamlining your data. This way the sequential completion of every step of an event becomes visible while moving on to the next.

What is the Biggest Advantage of Using an Event Management App?

The use of event management app software has been a sizeable saver of time and resources for an event management company, making sure of revenue increase through efficient billing and registration processes. Businesses that use event software apps are likely to improve their event ROI compared to those who don’t use it. Overall, companies who invest in event technologies like event management software solutions have a demonstrable higher event ROI than others.

Some of the features of event management app that bring in added visibility and convenience to events are through these particular features:

Registering for an Event — The event registration app allows for easy and quick registration through QR codes and other means while instantly also updating the data systems about the changing number of registrants and attendees. The event management app also keeps track of the data about participants, records, registrations, and payments.

Ticketing and Payment — Another means of securing attendee private information like credit cards is made possible by these event management apps. Further, some apps also provide the additional feature of ticketing that can target a large number of consumers for big sporting events, concerts, conventions and festivals.

Personalized Experience — These apps can specifically target the potential audience of an event by customizing their app for a unique personalized experience for each event. This saves the trouble of engaging with third-party apps to increase attendee engagement, which does not necessarily magnify your brand value while also making it difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions from the collated data.

What Happens to all the Data Collected Through the Event Management Apps? 

The data collected through an event management app can be useful in three-fold ways:

Event Marketing

When leveraged the correct way, an event management app can easily incorporate all social media platforms while effortlessly converting all the event attendees to promoters. This way the participants themselves can spread the word about an event and increase the number of attendees. All that the organizers need to do is support the audience/promoters who will easily spread all the relevant information about the event. This can be done by posting about the event on social media, the event fan page or an event group. By doing this, the event organizers can dramatically increase online activity and generate additional interest in their event.

Data Analytics

The event management app becomes a treasure trove of information of all data about one event and all, providing opportunities to identify the problem areas for an organization. More importantly, this constant access to real-time data to evaluate key metrics like timelines, registrations, budgets, etc. that can help view the data and aid in better decision-making. The analytics area can also help in displaying information about the ticket and even data on revenue.


Event management apps not only allow for easy data migration from pre-existing event management systems while also integrating the automated marketing system to send out email campaigns to a large audience, which may sometimes go beyond the scope of those who have registered for an event.

How Do Event Management Apps Provide Any Logistical Support?

There are multiple ways that these apps provide additional support for an event. Within the app, some of the best ones have embeddable widgets like registration forms, event communities and areas, and speakers and sponsors.

Sometimes, the success of an event has to do with the right kind of information about the venue (like location, accessibility, capacity, zoning law, security, and risk factors) is important in locating the perfect venue. The event management platform has an in-built feature which makes it easy to do the event destination search, made possible through the mobile phone’s GPS system.

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