Attendee management has never been so easy. Eventdex’s ScanAttendee, our Ticket-selling app lets you sell tickets in any currency from anywhere across the world. With us as your event partner, you can check in attendees quickly, offer a smart event experience to exhibitors, enhance engagement and increase ROI.

The app is designed to scan both tickets and badges, besides printing them instantly. Socket Mobile External Scanner Integration offers better attendee management by facilitating quick and efficient scanning. As an event organizer, help your exhibitors to have detailed analytics and information about sales reports. With this comprehensive data, you can easily improve the experience of your attendees. This fast paced mobile check-in app allows organizers to add tickets and other things to be sold at events.

Download the mobile check-in app and you are in business! Call us , if you do not see your country or currency.

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Lead Scanning

If you want to know how many attendees visited your event and how much sales your exhibitors generated, you can opt for our high-end lead scanning app.

ScanAttendee reads barcodes that have been auto generated through the registration process. Exhibitors can get thorough insight into the traffic at booths and record the attendance for later reference. Exhibitors can also retrieve important traffic data from the app and use it to offer a better experience to leads at future events. With detailed information about traffic at their booths and attendee preferences, they can obtain even more qualified leads.


Badge Scanning

Eventdex mobile check-in app streamlines the badge scanning process and enables you to not only collect attendee information easily but also process event fees or other payments through integrations with various online payment processing options.

Waiting in line to get a badge printed can be a time consuming and cumbersome process for your attendees. Our mobile check-in app expedites the badge printing process thereby taking another step towards creating a great event experience for your attendee. ScanAttendee is compatible with Bluetooth enabled printers Event organizers can use this mobile check-in app to print name badges onsite and even collect payments like event fees through integrations with platforms like Stripe, Paypal, Aurthorized.net , TRUSTe, check & cash.

Our mobile check-in app also permits you to print customized badges with session data and receipts with any wireless printer having Bluetooth feature.