Unleash the Power of Lead generation with Eventdex’s Lead Capture App

A Lead Capture App that helps event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees generate quality leads. Eventdex lead capture software optimizes your tradeshow leads so that you can be rest assured of delivering an awesome attendee and exhibitor experience. Eventdex's Lead Capture App significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of lead capture at events. Event organizers can better understand their audience and build stronger relationships with attendees by providing a centralized platform for collecting and managing data.

Maximize Your Lead Retrieval Potential with Eventdex Boothleads

With Evendex's Lead Capture App, it is easy to generate and manage leads at your tradeshows. Enhance your customer engagement through Eventdex’s interactive and user-friendly lead capture platform for capturing leads. Build your trust with potential customers and manage your lead data in one centralized location. With our lead retrieval app technology, save your time and increase efficiency while staying on top of your lead generation efforts.  Score and prioritize leads based on their engagement level and the information they have provided, making your efforts to get the most promising leads in your database. 

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Eventdex Lead Capture App Features

Real-Time Data Syncing and Integration

Eventdex’s lead capture app has the ability to sync data real-time so that the event organizers have the most up-to-date information on the event activity through detailed analytics including lead stages, lead categorization, etc. at their fingertips.  Integration with other tools used in event management, such as marketing automation software and CRM systems, leads to streamlining the lead collection process.

Lead Scoring and Grading

With Eventdex’s lead capture app, based on the level of engagement you can get assigned scores and grades, in return getting event organizers to prioritize their post-event follow-up efforts. At the same time get detailed analytics and reporting to help event organizers better understand the performance of their lead capture efforts and make informed decisions.

QR Code Scanning

Get attendee information easily by scanning QR codes on attendee badges through robust badge scanning app, and quickly and easily collect their information. Create custom forms to collect information about attendees, including their contact details, preferences, and feedback. 



Eventdex’s trade show lead capture app is mobile-friendly and accessible from smartphones, both iOS and Androids including tablets, allowing event organizers to capture leads on-the-go. Use multiple devices at the same time to sign in with one single login id. 

Make Notes

Take notes of your conversation on the floor with this lead retrieval system for trade shows, and never miss a chance to have a personalized follow-up with a contact. Get to know the interest of your leads their preferred mode of communication or any other important information that you need to retain.

Works Offline and Export

Works Offline and Export Leads

Scan leads even when you are offline. Once the network is back, sync all your offline data automatically with the backend. Export leads easily into integrated CRM embedded into the website.


Take your events to the next leveL

Lead Capture App Benefits

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Increased efficiency

Eventdex Lead capture app automates the process of collecting and managing data in a jiffy, reducing the time and effort required to gather information about attendees.

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Better lead management

With lead scoring and grading, Eventdex’s lead capture app makes it easier for event organizers to prioritize follow-up efforts and build stronger relationships with attendees.

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Enhanced data insights

Eventdex’s lead capture app provides analytics and reporting capabilities that help event organizers better understand their audience and identify areas for improvement.

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Increased ROI

By streamlining the lead capture process and providing valuable insights into attendee behavior, Eventdex’s lead scanner app can help event organizers make informed decisions that improve their return on investment through the best quality leads at the event.

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