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Why Should You Use an Event App?

6 Reasons to Use an Event App

Whether organizing a large or small event, the number of event management operations an event organizer has to deal with are virtually the same. Using an event management app just simplifies even the most daunting event tasks and gives a lot of space to improve the time & budget management. Better utilization of resources and analysis of traffic helps in optimizing event ROI in real-time.

As everybody now owns a mobile phone, an event organizer can easily upsell his event ROI by providing different event technologies to the attendees and exhibitors (as per their requirements). There can be many reasons to create a bespoke Event App, depending on the size, scale, and nature of your event and audience, but some of its basic benefits are given below:

1. Easy-to-Use Technology & Instant Updates:

There are always some last-minute changes happening with events, such as rescheduling sessions and changes in speakers, and it becomes important on the part of the event management company to keep your audience informed. With instant content updates via an Event App, it’s one less thing to worry about; you can always send a push notification to your attendees and exhibitors to notify them of any changes. This easy-to-use technology helps users to get the most out of the event in a seamless manner.

2. Personalized Social Networking & Long-Term Engagement:

An Event App integrates social media platforms for personalized networking experience to attendees so that they can share their event stories/experiences, knowledge, and ideas instantly at the event. A list of participants’ profiles is provided in the Event App, where you can add notes and comments on their profiles for post-event follow-up actions. Event participants can share photos, make messages, write comments, and exchange marketing materials with one another. Meeting different buyers and sellers by participating in the group or one-to-one meetings via. Business Matchmaking Apps, help attendees to network and add value to their experiences and knowledge. All these features facilitate event app users to connect and network with prospective clients and nurture them for long-term engagement.

3. Surveys & Feedbacks:

Surveys are crucial for improving event experiences. But, many times these valuable documents and data end up in the trash. Our Event App empowers event planners to collect and manage this data more systematically and efficiently. Once the attendees participate in a session, they can log-in to their Event App and rate their experiences or give their feedback. This information can be used by event organizers to refine their event programs and optimize their marketing campaigns in a better way.

4. Going Paperless:

Mismanagement or shortage of paper can quickly become event planners’ worst nightmare. Why should one spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on schedules and brochures that most participants will only review once before pushing into their bags? You can easily create an Event App in less time, at a fraction of the cost, without hassle, cost, and waste of expensive paper.

5. Quick Monetization:

The event management software solutions allow you as an event marketer to monetize your app any-time. Important tools like Lead Retrieval App, Business Matchmaking, ScanAttendee, FindMyLeads, etc. can be easily used for upselling and earning more revenues for your event.

6. Live Reporting & Analytics:

Measuring the event traffic, engagement with social content and other metrics in real-time helps you to amplify what works and what doesn’t work for your event. Your Event App dashboard will show the various types of engagement such as the number of downloads, profiles created, posts, surveys, session tracking, revenue generated, guest ratings, and much more! This will allow you to create more impactful and immersive content and identify more areas for improvement.

The event industry is dynamic and constantly undergoes great changes. Personalized and audience-targeted strategies will always play a crucial role in the success of your event. By collecting the right data and engaging with the audiences at key touch-points, will ensure that your guests love your event even more and share their enriching experience with others happily.

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