Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing

Make Your Events Smarter with Onsite Check-in and Badge Printing Technologies

Event badges are an important component of any B2B event since they help identify attendees and promote networking. However, pre-printing name badges is one of the biggest logistical nightmares for planners and is a universally disliked job. The good news is that it does not have to be this way! With the role of name badges changing continuously, it is time to ditch the traditional badges and embrace onsite badge printing.

There are multiple advantages of onsite badge printing. Before we dive deeper into them, let us see what has changed with traditional badge printing and how it has been replaced with onsite technology. Today, badges have everything from the photo of an attendee, barcodes, or QR codes to social media handles, iBeacons, and, sometimes, RFIDs. The evolution of badges into more sophisticated name tags has also led to a transformation in onsite technologies, with an emphasis on self-check-in and badge printing.

Onsite check-ins and badge printing are the best ways to create a memorable attendee experience and reduce crowds at the registration desk. Attendees can either check themselves into the event through the mobile event app or get their badges scanned from their mobile phones. With a badge scanner like Socket Mobile or Linea Pro, you can quickly check attendees into the event and eliminate long queues.

Onsite badge printing also allows you to set up a self-serve kiosk that ensures contactless printing and handling of event badges. It gives you more options to print different event badges, such as black and white, colored, or peel-off stickers. You can choose from different sizes, such as 3×4 or 4×6 inches, based on your preference.

Let us look at some of these benefits in more detail below:

Walk-ins Registration

Your attendees will instantly judge your event the moment they step into the venue. Therefore, long event check-in lines and mismanaged badges can dash away all your planning efforts. To create a stellar first impression, make onsite registrations and event check-ins easy for attendees. Use an onsite check-in app to make the process seamless and avoid large crowds gathering at the event registration desks. This technology helps your attendees check-in at the event by quickly scanning the QR code or barcode generated on their confirmation ticket and printing badges instantly.

Self-Check in

In the time of social distancing and contactless services, a self-check-in app is a must-have for your next live events. These apps empower participants to check themselves in or out of events and sessions using their own mobile devices. These event check-in apps are designed to help you track attendance in real time to evaluate the performance of your event.

Contactless Check-in

Regain the trust of your attendees by offering a socially distanced and contactless alternative to the registration desk. Reduce surface contact with contactless check-in. The process is simple: all you need to do is set up a kiosk with a QR code and instructions. Attendees can scan the code to reach a branded website landing page to enter and submit their details. It can’t get safer than this! Print Badges Onsite. 

Arranging badges alphabetically or based on different categories a night before the event is a familiar situation for most event organizers. It is not only a painstakingly laborious process but can also lead to spelling errors and, in worst cases, missing badges of your participants. If you are one of those who outsource badge printing and get them pre-printed before the event, it is time to change the status quo. 

Printing badges onsite has several benefits, including the obvious advantages of cost and time savings. With onsite event badge printers such as Brother, Zebra, or Epson, you can create colored or black-and-white event badges for attendees as soon as they arrive. You can also use a regular printer to create event badges based on the various participant categories you have defined. It also gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to print the badges, double-sided event badges, or single-sided event badges, ensuring a professional-looking event. 

Real-Time Information

As mentioned earlier, modern-day name badges are not just pieces of paper. They hold the key to all the information on attendee behavior and preferences. Badges that include QR codes or barcodes can provide digital data about your attendees’ movement in and out of multiple sessions. Some event badges also act like radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to track participant movement in real time and sync all the captured data across various devices and your CRM. With this data, you can keep tabs on the show rate of your event and sessions. 

Customized Reports

Empowered with data, you can use various settings to generate customized post-event reports and dashboards based on your stakeholders’ expectations. Analyze your event’s performance with different reporting tools that give unmatched insights into attendee check-in times, walk-in registrants, etc., to measure your return on investment. It is a great way to boost your event ROI and plan stellar future events. 

Kiosk Mode

Set up several kiosks at your event to allow attendees to check themselves into the event and print event badges onsite. You can provide branded badges of different types and sizes to reduce long waiting lines at registration desks and capture the attendee check-in information in real-time. You can select all the information you would like to display on the badge, such as the name, organization, etc., and use different color codes to separate VIPs, speakers, and sponsors. 

Onsite check-in kiosk mode are a great way to eliminate spelling errors, allow attendees to review and personally change their information, and save a ton of your team’s time. Setting up kiosks and an onsite check-in system needs minimal hardware, helping you to set up registrations quickly and easily for walk-in and registered attendees.

Receive Alerts

Use smart tags and beacons to enable push notifications to let attendees know about crucial event updates. Deliver more personalized event experiences by sending information with a click of a button or use your event app to send reading material and other updates.

Wrap up

If you want to focus on delivering the best event experience, it is time to free up your team’s time and let technology handle manual processes. With onsite event technologies such as badge printing and attendee check-in, you can deliver efficient, professional experiences at events, and more specifically, at the event registration desk. Long queues on the day of the event are a thing of the past. With onsite event management software technology, create an impression that will last forever. 

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