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6 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Event Mobile App

Launching a mobile app for your next event? I think you’ll find this blog useful. With an event mobile app, you are on the right track to boost engagement and extend the reach and scope of your event. But to execute it smoothly, you need to be more strategic in your approach. To ensure you make the most out of your event mobile app, follow these six simple, actionable tips. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to ensure your app is noticed, downloaded, and drives clicks and conversions at every step of your event.


Promote event app: Get the word out!

This is the most obvious tip. You’ve got an app, and now you need to promote it at all the right places so that it gets noticed by people. Promote your app on your website or registration page and ensure you’ve got a powerful call to action (CTA) with a link to download the app. Also, list the benefits of the app in a succinct way – things like faster check in, more networking opportunities, and interactive maps.

Offline app promotion

Familiarize your attendees by mentioning your app in promotional materials used before the event like paper brochures, tickets, downloadable PDFs, and guides. The more you spread the word about your app, the more likely your attendees will engage and download it.


Use kick-off announcement to ask attendees to download the app

A kick-off announcement is a great way to ask attendees to download your event app. With everyone assembled in the same place at the same time, it is the optimal time to spread the word about your app and drive immediate, measurable adoption. You can also take the help of presenters and ask them to mention the app in their speeches and encourage downloads. Since you’ll provide the CTA in emails and flyers, make sure the directions to download is as simple as possible.

Ask speakers to make your event engaging through mobile app

One of the best ways to drive app adoption is by creating experiences that are only available on the event app. Include things like polling to make the session more interactive, or maybe use live Q&A so that attendees can message their questions directly from their devices. You may also want to keep tent cards on the table that lists the benefits of your app and has a clear CTA to download. This way, attendees who haven’t downloaded your app can download it during the event and engage themselves in an insightful session.


Use the app to send personalized appreciation announcement

Event mobile app can be a great way to engage attendees during the event. But it is equally important to keep the engagement going on even after the event is over. You can use mobile apps to send a personalized “thank you” message to your delegates in the next few days. A personalized communication is the simplest way to bring them back into your app and offer any benefits like access to attendee directories and networking opportunities as well as information about future events.

Inform attendees about future events with the same app

If you’ve got another event lined up, then you can use the same app to inform attendees about it. Continue using the app to promote events, training sessions and other programs through it.

Final thoughts

Hope these six tips will help you make the most out of your event apps. But before you ask your attendees to download and use it, tell your team to proactively use the app. This peer-to-peer influence is very powerful than any other outreach or promotional activity. Ensure your team uses the app during the event, and perhaps, share their screens and inform attendees of some of its unique features. In the end, the more you make your app appear an integral part of your event, the better it is for you and your attendees

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