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Top 5 Best Business Matchmaking Platforms for Networking Events

Business Matchmaking Platform for networking events is the process of pairing attendees based on their interests or goals to facilitate networking and relationship-building. This can be done in a variety of ways, including through event matchmaking software, apps, or on-site business matchmaking services. One popular method for Business matchmaking at events is to use a b2b matchmaking platform. These tools allow attendees to create profiles, input their interests and goals, and search for other attendees who share similar interests. Some popular event matchmaking platforms include Eventdex, Brella, B2match, Grip, and MeetMatch.

Another method for business matchmaking at events is to use on-site business matchmaking services. On-site matchmaking services can include things like speed networking, where attendees are given a set amount of time to talk to each other, or “meet the expert” sessions, where attendees can meet with industry leaders or experts in their field.

Regardless of the method used, it’s important to remember that business matchmaking at events is not just about connecting people, but also about providing value to attendees. This means that B2B matchmaking should be tailored to the specific audience and goals of the event. For example, if the event is focused on networking for business professionals, the business matchmaking activities should be geared towards helping attendees make valuable business connections.

It is also important to note that business matchmaking is for online eventshybrid events, and in-person events as well. Many online event platforms provide business matchmaking features, and that’s a great way to connect attendees and help them build relationships even when they can’t meet in person. Business matchmaking for events is a valuable tool for fostering networking and relationship-building among attendees. As mentioned earlier, it can be done through hosted buyers programs, attendee matchmaking, or on-site matchmaking services, and should be tailored to the specific audience and goals of the event.

Features of Business Matchmaking in Events

One of the benefits of business matchmaking in events is that it can help attendees make valuable connections with others in their industry or field. This can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations, or even friendships. The business matchmaking software can also help attendees get the most out of their event experience by connecting them with like-minded individuals. It can also help event organizers create a more engaging and dynamic event. By pairing attendees with others who share their interests, event organizers can help create a more dynamic and interactive event experience. This can lead to higher levels of engagement and a more successful event overall. 

Why should your exhibitors use the B2B matchmaking tool?

There are various reasons why exhibitors would use the B2B meeting platform. Some of them are listed below:

Targeted Networking: B2B matchmaking tools can help exhibitors connect with potential customers and business partners who have a specific interest in their products or services. This can increase the chances of making valuable connections and closing deals.

Time-saving: Using a buyer-seller Business matchmaking platform can save exhibitors time by pre-scheduling meetings with qualified leads. This allows them to make the most of their time at the event and avoid wasting time on unproductive meetings.

Increased ROI: By connecting with the right people, exhibitors can increase their return on investment (ROI) from the event. B2B matchmaking tools can help exhibitors identify potential customers and partners, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Data-driven approach: A business matchmaking platform can provide exhibitors with data on the leads generated, this data can help exhibitors understand the success of their matchmaking process and improve it for future events.

Easy Communication: Business matchmaking services often include messaging or communication functionality, which can make it easy for exhibitors to communicate with their matches and schedule meetings before, during, and after the event.

Increased Visibility: Business matchmaking software often includes features that allow exhibitors to promote their products or services to potential customers and partners. This can increase their visibility and help them stand out from the competition.

What is the Business Matchmaking Process?

The Business matchmaking process typically involves several steps and starts with attendees registering for the conference and providing information about their company, areas of expertise, and interests. The information is then used to create attendee profiles and match them with other attendees who have similar interests or goals.

Attendees then schedule meetings with their matches in advance through the Business matchmaking platform, which allows them to make the most of their time at the conference. They are also able to communicate with their matches before the event through the platform’s messaging feature.

On-site, the B2B matchmaking feature helps to facilitate networking and collaboration among attendees, leading to new business opportunities and partnerships. The follow-up feature of the B2B matchmaking software also helps attendees stay in touch with their new connections even after the event. The AI matchmaking feature provides valuable data analytics for the organizers. The virtual Business matchmaking feature also helps connect potential business clients, partners, and suppliers through an online event platform.

We have researched various business matchmaking platforms, and have come up with the Top 5 Best Business matchmaking platforms for networking events, right from the overview of features to the score given by Capterra*.

Eventdex – Business Matchmaking Platform

Eventdex is a comprehensive event management software company, that comes with a host of features, ranging from ticketing to registrations to lead retrieval to business matchmaking. It is one of the best Event management software out there, which is AI-based software, and its B2B matchmaking software is the best in the industry. And hence, it is the topmost in the list of matchmaking platforms. The best-curated list of businesses can be connected with hosted buyer-sellers using Eventdex’s B2B matchmaking app, which gives event organizers the chance to do so. It gives small and medium-sized companies new opportunities to schedule time with corporate and governmental organizations to showcase their goods and services. Eventdex’s B2B matchmaking software offers features that deliver faster, more individualized networking.

Eventdex’s 1on1 matchmaking platform is designed to help attendees make valuable connections and to create a more engaging and dynamic event experience. One of the features is “Speed Networking”, which is an efficient way to acquire new business contacts and helps quickly connect with like-minded attendees in a matter of minutes. It is the fastest way to connect in a short time. Eventdex’s B2B matchmaking platform is a combination of both online and on-site activities, in order to maximize the benefits of business matchmaking in events. Eventdex’s Business Matchmaking Platform – Virtual Matchmaking software has some excellent features like “Dynamic Table Booking”, which auto assigns tables based on the number of appointments of the attendees. 

Preferential Matching enables buyers and sellers to set preferences based on their interest level and automatically schedules meetings for them. The attendee-to-attendee matching acts as the main coordinator between various attendees, enabling buyers, sellers, and all other attendees to meet without any restrictions. The “Set Appointments” feature allows users to schedule, reschedule or cancel 1-on-1 appointments based on their preferences and availability. The “Auto Matchmaker” feature matches buyer and seller profiles based on preferences to match with potential attendees and shows top matches for each attendee in the dashboard.

Priority matching is taken into account, along with string matching and semantic matching using natural language processing(NLP). The event planner can specify the fields for preference criteria, and the algorithm will automatically match attendees based on these preferences. The “Preference Scoring” feature allows participants to assign scores to the profiles based on geographical location, commodities, etc, and the most relevant profiles with the highest score on top.

Email communications can be leveraged through an integrated email marketing feature to keep the attendees informed about the event. Robust reporting in the business matchmaking app provides crucial insights into event attendees’ preferences and identifies intriguing trends with dashboards, analytics, and customized reports. For better follow-ups, buyers and sellers can store attendee data and export it to their CRM. managed tables allow buyers to sit at the same table and sellers to rotate from table to table as per meeting schedules. 

Capterra Review: 5.0 / 5.0

Brella – Business Matchmaking Platform

Brella is the second contender in the list and is a leading event platform for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Large exhibitions and conferences can connect attendees and sponsors using the event networking platform Brella through AI-powered business matchmaking. Intent-based matchmaking, one-on-one meeting booking, and face-to-face meetings via video conferencing, and chat are some of the solution’s key features. Event matchmaking through AI is a standout feature of this event management platform and is designed to connect top matches in seconds. Participants themselves can suggest a meeting time during the B2B Online Matchmaking in a few clicks and can accept or reschedule the meetings to suit their time.

Capterra Review: 4.0 / 5.0

B2match – Business Matchmaking Platform

B2match is the third in line a 1on1 business matchmaking platform and is an all-inclusive in-person, virtual, and hybrid event networking platform that places a strong emphasis on networking and business matchmaking. The entire life cycle of an event can be covered by their event management software. It has features like meeting live streaming, post-event surveys, and meeting feedback, as well as invitations and registrations. Every event receives a quality check from an exceptional customer success team before it is published to ensure proper configuration.

Its Business Matchmaking Solution comes with a host of features, and among those features are appealing participant profiles, a specialized marketplace to highlight goods, services, and other collaboration opportunities, company pages with branding, integrated group, and one-on-one video meetings, chats, meeting management tools, etc. The business matchmaking process is elevated to a whole new level by the use of artificial intelligence. They recommend intriguing profiles to each participant using real machine-learning algorithms that process vast amounts of data. High-quality B2B matchmaking interactions and increased engagement are the outcomes.

Capterra Review: 4.4 / 5.0

Grip – Business Matchmaking Platform

Grip is another leading market engagement platform that delivers technology to enable world-class hybrid events through digital and in-person solutions. It is designed to support event professionals. People can find, interact with, connect, and advance markets with its technology. Its intelligent, adaptable event platform offers the solutions, assistance, and integrations required to maximize return on investment for event professionals.  Some features of this b2b matchmaking software include hosted buyer and multi-person meetings, instant video calls, roundtables, speed networking, etc. It has the distinction of being used at the Cannes Lion Festival, it being the world’s first AI event networking solution.

Capterra Review: 5.0 / 5.0

MeetMatch – Business Matchmaking Platform

MeetMatch is another dynamic event planning software, for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, and its Business Matchmaking App was created from the ground up to revolutionize business networking with an emphasis on interactivity, engagement, and raising ROI. It offers business matchmaking software and has features like innovative AI-based event matchmaking that form the bedrock of event technology, and real-time availability checking for top-rated matches. It also has a proprietary algorithm used to gauge business compatibility between potential matches. Some other features are Q&A tools, evaluation forms and surveys, interactive floor maps, live streaming, and event gamification options.

Capterra Review: NA

There are several top Business matchmaking platforms available for networking, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large corporation looking to expand your reach, the Eventdex event planning platform mentioned provides valuable opportunities to connect with other professionals in your industry and grow your business. For a quick demo visit the Eventdex website or approach our sales team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business matchmaking?

Business matchmaking is a networking activity that involves introducing businesses to one another to establish potential partners or collaborations. 

How do you conduct a business match?

Business matchmaking can be conducted in many ways, such as one-on-one meetings, roundtable discussions which can be in-person as well as virtual, speed networking where attendees can quickly establish connections with other like-minded attendees,  or even formal presentations.

What is an example of a good matchmaking service?

An example of a good B2B event matchmaking service is Eventdex.

What is a matchmaker model?

A matchmaker model is a type of algorithm within a matchmaking platform, that uses certain criteria to match individuals or businesses. Business networking platforms use matchmaker models to match individuals or potential clients based on their interests, specific needs etc.

What is the average cost for business matchmaking services?

$30 per person is the average cost for business matchmaking services with Eventdex per se.

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