Event Management Software for 2023

Top 6 Best Event Management Software for 2024 (Updated)

Event Planning is one of the most rewarding jobs if executed and pulled off in a streamlined manner. Event planners often get sleepless nights, with some of them working overtime so that the particular event can be a roaring success. Attendees would also want the best and high-quality experience out of an event.

To have a seamless experience and pull off a wonderful event, good Event Management Software with some unique features is a must, and nowadays event managers are warming up to the idea of such software. Event technology has made giant strides in the business, in turn metamorphosing the global event industry in a great way.  The right Event Software for your event can make a world of a difference for the attendees as well as the organizers.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 6 best Event Management Software for 2024, with each one having its uniqueness. You can choose from the best event management software that some of them have to offer for your event planning process.

What to look for while using Event Management Software?

An ideal Event Management Software should stand out and at the same time deliver value. It should have the ability to be bespoke to the needs of the attendees and ideally aim to reach a global audience in one single platform. It should also have a seamless on-site and off-site registration and ticketing ability.

An excellent capability of Event Management Software is customization ability. Attendees can pick and choose from varied options of custom events, custom reports, custom event registration forms, etc. Event planners always look for event management software that is user-friendly, has good customization tailored to their needs, and which gets integrated with other software and systems. 

Getting integrated with other software like email marketing, CRM, and accounting software is an added advantage for event planners. An easy and customizable agenda that is well structured and enhances the productivity of the event is also a bonus to bring forth an extraordinary experience for your attendees. Correspondingly, micro advantages like shorter event check-in lines, saving countless man-hours through kiosk mode, and deploying staff for other important jobs are points to look into for an archetypal Event Management Platform.  It is a tough choice when it comes to choosing, as there are so many options available, and they are constantly evolving with each passing day.

Check out our Top 6 Event Management Platforms in 2024


Eventdex is a robust Online Event Management Platform that includes all the solutions event planners and project managers need. Eventdex event software offers a simple, intuitive, integrated software solution that is designed to help organizers plan, promote and execute events from a single platform. Eventdex’s event management solutions such as virtual event platform, event registration software, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, mobile event appon-site event check-in app and badge printing app.

It also comes with powerful B2B matchmaking software that enhances the attendee check-in experience and executes flawless events, and at the same time empowers you with critical data as a good resource. 

Top Features:

In-Person Event Platform

Virtual Event Platform

Hybrid Event Platform

Onsite Event Solution

Business Matchmaking App

Mobile Event App

Lead Retrieval App

Check-In and Badge Printing App

Event Registration Software

Event Gamification

Speed Networking


vFairs boasts of an all-in-one robust hybrid, in-person and virtual events platform. The registration interface is simple, at the same time makes it easy for the audience to register quickly. It also features a custom landing page at registration, along with matchmaking and chat tools. A strong backend system gives full control of the attendees’ access, webinar schedules, exhibit booths, etc.

Top Features:

Virtual Environment

Virtual Exhibit Hall


Chat and Networking

Event Gamification

Event Sponsorships

Event Builder

Specialized Features

Accessibility Features

Mobile Event App

vFairs Discover


Cvent is an all-in-one event management platform that provides solutions for meetings, events, and hospitality technology. Cvent’s suite of solutions is a comprehensive one, which automates and simplifies the entire event management process.  In-person, hybrid and virtual, all kinds of events have a single platform in Cvent

Top Features:

Event creation

User registration process

Payment processing

Mobile Event check-in

Event website creation

Session scheduling

Reporting and dashboards

Multiple event management


Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual and hybrid and in-person web and SaaS cloud-based event management platform. It provides comprehensive support for conferences, fundraising events, auctions, etc. Its virtual event platform supports bespoke needs, like reservation management, registration, venue management, mobile event apps, event check-in, ticketing, and event booking.

24/7 live support is also provided by Accelevents during your hybrid event.

Top Features:

Virtual lobby

Branded event website

Attendee management

Real-time chat

Live streaming

Customized branding

Lead generation

Online registration

Surveys and polls

Record, playback, and download

Mobile event app


Whova comes with a robust event management system that saves time and makes event registrations and check-ins faster. It comes with some free tools which are available for Whova customers. The software has good utility tools such as an agenda center with website integration, self-serve name badge generation which generates event badges within a quick five minutes, and paperless attendee check-ins. Live polling allows convenient and accurate collection of votes and headcounts attendees’ interests.

Attendees can vote either through their email or the Whova app. To get a more dynamic and engaging view of the event, the monitors and screens can be used to get live event updates like live tweets, photos, announcements, sponsors, and more through the Live Event Slideshow. 

Top Features:

Event agendas and schedules

Virtual Lobby

Floor plans/maps

Social media integrations

Attendee networking

Attendee surveys

Built-In Webcasting

Online Event Agenda

Networking Exhibitors/Sponsorships

Aventri/ Stova

Aventri / Stova comes with a set of robust tools that help streamline event management. It has an in-person connection stack that contains a cohesive set of attendee engagement technologies, designed to work together and helps maximize in-person connections between attendees.

The software also boasts a drag-and-drop website editor and event matchmaking software that allows attendees to connect with vendors. The booth manager helps design an event floor plan for collaboration with exhibitors. Smart tags capture in-person interactions.

Top Features:

Mobile App

Email Marketing

Website Builder

Venue Sourcing

Attendee Surveys

Virtual Booths

Project Collaboration

Resource Scheduler

Booth Manager

On-Site Lead Retrieval

Check-In and Badging

Session Tracking

Eventdex’s Event Management Software and How it works

Here’s a video that will help you understand in simple terms how Event Management Software simplifies planning for all your hybrid, virtual and in-person events. 

Plan, promote, and execute your events with Event Management Software from Eventdex today!


A robust event management software should aim to simplify the event planners’ life, should be user-friendly, and at the same time create an unforgettable event. With in-person and hybrid events have made a great comeback after the pandemic, the right event planning software is here to stay. Ultimately at the end of the day, it all boils down to how the Event Management Software helps in magnifying the attendee experience for you!

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