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Boomset Alternative Eventdex – A Comparison

Event management software solutions are platforms designed to streamline the event planning process, allowing event organizers to manage various aspects of their events from a single event platform. These event planning solutions offer features such as event registration, event ticketing, payment processing, event marketing, attendee engagement tools, analytics, and reporting. They help event organizers automate and streamline their event management tasks, improve the attendee experience, and increase their event’s ROI. Popular event management software solutions include Eventdex and Boomset, and in this blog, we have strived to provide a comparison for Boomset Alternative Eventdex.

Choosing the right event management software solution platform is crucial for event organizers to achieve their goals and ensure the success of their events. With so many options available, it’s essential to select a event planning platform that aligns with the specific needs of the event, the budget, and the desired outcome.

The right event management platform should help event organizers streamline the planning process, manage event registrations, event ticket sales, and payment processing, provide tools to engage attendees and improve their experience and provide data analytics and insights to measure event success. A good event planning platform can also help save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency while ensuring a positive experience for both the event organizers and event attendees. Ultimately, selecting the right event solution platform can make a significant difference in the success of an event.

As mentioned earlier, Eventdex and Boomset are two ever-popular event management software solutions that offer a wide range of features and tools to help event organizers manage their events. Both event platforms have unique strengths and advantages, making them attractive options for event planners of different sizes and industries. Eventdex offers a comprehensive suite of event management tools, including event registration, event ticketing, 1 on 1 event matchmaking, lead retrieval, event badge printing, mobile event app, and email marketing. Boomset, on the other hand, provides a robust event platform for managing event check-ins, event badge printing, and on-site event registration. In this comparison blog, we will explore the differences between Eventdex and Boomset and why event organizers should consider Eventdex over Boomset.

Both Eventdex and Boomset offer a range of attendee engagement tools to enhance the overall event experience for attendees. Eventdex and Boomset offer different sets of event management features. Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers a more comprehensive set of features for event registration and event ticketing, lead retrieval, attendee engagement, event app, analytics, and reporting, as well as payment processing. On the other hand, Boomset focuses mainly on on-site event management features such as event check-in kiosks, event badge printing, and on-site event registration. While Boomset‘s on-site features are critical for ensuring a smooth event experience, Boomset Alternative Eventdex’s features provide a more engaging and interactive event experience for attendees, with features like event gamification and social media wall. Therefore, the choice between the two event management software solutions depends on the specific needs of the event organizer. If organizers prioritize attendee engagement and a comprehensive set of event management features, then Eventdex is a better choice. 

Here’s a comparative analysis of Eventdex and Boomset to help you choose the best event management software solution for your needs:

Event registration and ticketing: Both Eventdex and Boomset offer event registration and ticketing features. Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers customizable event registration forms and the ability to sell event tickets on your own website or social media pages, while Boomset offers the option to set up discount codes and the ability to create customized tickets.

Mobile event app: Both event platforms offer a mobile event app that attendees can download to access event information, schedules, and other important details. Eventdex‘s event app also includes features like event gamification and interactive surveys, with real-time analytics, and session details.  Users can log in through multiple devices with one single login password, which is a unique feature. Boomset‘s event app offers session management and real-time notifications.

Onsite event check-in: Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers an excellent onsite event check-in and event badge printing feature, which can save time and streamline the event check-in process. Boomset does not offer an onsite check-in feature.

Session management: If your event includes multiple sessions or tracks, Boomset alternative Eventdex may be a better fit for you. The event platform offers robust session management features, allowing attendees to easily find and register for the sessions they want to attend. Boomset offers session scheduling, but not as many options for customization as Eventdex.

Lead retrieval: Both event management platforms offer lead retrieval features that allow exhibitors to scan event badges and collect attendees contact information. Boomset alternative Eventdex’s lead retrieval feature is both powerful and excellent and includes the ability to rate leads and send follow-up emails, while Boomset‘s feature offers a customizable lead capture form.

Badge printing: Both event planning platforms offer event badge printing, but Boomset Alternative Eventdex’s feature is more robust, allowing for onsite event badge printing and customization of event badges with sponsor logos and other branding elements. Event badges of various sizes, right from the very basic size to large ones are available, with color event badges also available, provided you order them a week prior to the event. Avery templates have also been incorporated into the system for you to choose from beautiful readymade templates. Bluetooth event badge printing is also a new feature made available. Robust badge printers in the market, like Brother and Zebra, are used to print event badges of all sizes. Scanners are also used to scan event badges before the event. 

Payment processing: Both event management platforms offer payment processing, allowing you to easily sell tickets and process payments. Eventdex event management software offers multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Touchnet, Stripe Adaptive, Authorize.Net, and Trustcommerce,  while Boomset only offers one.

B2B Matchmaking: Boomset Alternative Eventdex’s B2B matchmaking platform is one of the best in the market, and enables event organizers to create an online marketplace where attendees can find and connect with exhibitors and sponsors through an AI algorithm. This AI-powered algorithm is used to match attendees with exhibitors and sponsors based on their interests, preferences, and business goals. This leads to better quality meetings and increased ROI for both parties.

Boomset‘s B2B matchmaking event platform, on the other hand, is designed to help event organizers create personalized experiences for attendees by connecting them with exhibitors and sponsors based on their interests and preferences. The event platform allows attendees to view exhibitor profiles, schedule meetings, and receive recommendations on relevant exhibitors based on their interests and behavior.

Email marketing: Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers email marketing features, including the ability to create and send customized emails to attendees and exhibitors. Boomset does not offer email marketing.

Attendee engagement tools: Boomset Alternative Eventdex has a strong focus on attendee engagement, offering features like gamification and interactive surveys. Boomset‘s focus is on session management and live polling.

Excellent Customer Support: Event organizers often require support to manage their events successfully. Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers excellent customer support to its users. Their support team is available 24/7, and they provide personalized support to ensure that event organizers receive the help they need. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base in terms of a support team that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the platform. A chat-bot is also one of the features used for support by this Boomset alternative. Boomset, on the other hand, offers customer support during business hours only, which may not be ideal for events that take place outside regular business hours.

Cost: Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers more affordable event management software pricing plans, with a range of options to fit different event sizes and budgets. Boomset is more expensive but offers more features and customization options.

Why is Boomset Alternative Eventdex a Better Option?

Eventdex provides a more extensive suite of features than Boomset. In addition to event registration, event ticketing, and payment processing, Boomset Alternative Eventdex offers features like lead retrieval, event check-in and badge printing, a mobile event app, and email marketing. These features make Eventdex a one-stop shop for event organizers, allowing them to manage all aspects of their event from a single event management platform. Boomset, on the other hand, is primarily focused on onsite event check-in and session management, making it less comprehensive than Eventdex.

As an event organizer, you must know that delivering an exceptional event experience is critical to the success of your event. That’s why you need a comprehensive event management solution like Eventdex that can help you manage every aspect of your event, from event registration and event ticketing to lead retrieval and analytics. Eventdex, as you have already read through the blog till now, offers a wide range of event management software features, all in one place. With features like an event app, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, hybrid and virtual event platform, payment processing, attendee engagement, and analytics, you can manage your event efficiently and effectively.

Boomset Alternative Eventdex provides valuable data and insights through its analytics and reporting features. By analyzing attendee behavior, preferences, and engagement, you can make data-driven decisions and measure your event’s ROI effectively. This helps you fine-tune your event strategy and make informed decisions. Eventdex’s powerful and comprehensive set of event management software features, combined with a focus on attendee engagement, makes it a better option for event organizers who want to deliver an exceptional event experience. With this Boomset alternative, you can create an engaging and memorable event while managing all aspects of the event efficiently and effectively, and make data-driven decisions for future events.

Ultimately, the best choice between Eventdex and Boomset will depend on your specific needs and priorities. To make an informed decision, it’s a good idea to compare the features by reading through this blog. For more information on the suite of products and services that Eventdex provides, login to or you could contact our sales team at

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