5 reasons why a Lead Retrieval App is Important?

Events are the best way to generate leads for your organizations. The face to face interactions that happen during events not only solves the pain points of your attendees but also leaves an everlasting brand image. Don’t let that go to waste by stopping the conversation just after your event is over. There has to be a proper follow up to keep the conversation going and translate all your lead generation efforts into business for your organization. But the question remains, how? According to several industry reports, most marketing leads are never pursued once the event is over. This means that not only your brand recall value goes drastically down, but your organization also loses a lot of revenue. No wonder a lead capture app is the preferred choice of event professionals planning to follow up and prove their event ROI.

Broadly speaking, a lead retrieval app is important if you do not wish your event leads to evaporate. In other words, there are two broad reasons why you should choose the app:

  • You don’t want your and your marketing team’s efforts to go to waste. After all, you’ve put in a lot of efforts to generate those golden leads.
  • While your events create a memorable experience for your attendees, it doesn’t really close a lot of business. Most leads at the event convert after effective lead nurturing over a course of time.

Here are some of the other reasons why most of the organizations opt for lead retrieval app and how they are benefiting from it.

  • A better way of organizing leads

A lead retrieval app allows organizers to better manage their leads. Most of these apps come with classification and scoring features to segregate hot leads from cold ones. Other ways that leads can be organized include, geography, media channel, behavioral traits, engagement period, etc. Without a lead retrieval app, imagine organizing business cards into these categories. It is a nightmare no event planner would like to have!

  • Reduces response time

Attendees today demand rapid response time and prefer brands that do it. That is why a lead capture app has become so important for businesses! Without a proper system in place, responding to customer’s questions manually can be a challenge and result in huge delays. In a world, where the average attention span of humans is less than that of a goldfish, you need to be fast and agile. If you don’t respond to your leads in an hour to one day, they will likely move on to the next solution provider. Lead retrieval apps allow organizations to schedule automated responses and allows them to remain in touch with their leads while requests are directed to the right departments.

  • Better lead distribution

In organizations with large sales and marketing teams, a lead retrieval app can come really handy. It provides an organized distribution of leads to the sales, based on one of the lead categories selected such as product line, geography, etc. This effective way ensures that only one sales rep follows up with the lead and there is no duplication of efforts. A lead capture app helps optimize the productivity of sales staff by distributing leads to the right salespeople in a timely fashion.

  • Effective lead tracking  

A lead retrieval app makes it very easy to track lead and see in real-time its position in the sales pipeline. With this view, your sales representative will get a fair idea of which leads need to be nurtured further and which leads need to be closed soon. Engaged leads can then be further nurtured with digital content such as webinar invites, ebooks and even free white papers. As these leads get more and more marketing thought leadership, they can be prioritized for sales engagements. Lead retrieval app often gives accurate sales forecasting, resulting in a better operations management.

  • Build and maintain relationships

Several buyers in the B2B space are not convinced to purchase products just after one or two touchpoints. There has to be a relationship or brand affinity for leads to convert into customers. A lead retrieval software allows you to funnel leads through multiple engagements so that your prospects become more familiar with your brand/product/services. Once this happens, the buyer becomes more comfortable with their decision to purchase from you. When such prospects engage with your content and requests for information, responds to free offers or navigate several pages on your website, then those actions are all recorded for the sales team during their calls. And an informed sales team is always preferred over teams making cold calls to prospects!


There are several benefits of a lead retrieval app, but for the sake of this blog, we’ve listed just top 5. If you’d like to know more about how lead retrieval software can help your organization, then contact us today!

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