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Top 5 Event Badge Printing Apps for 2023

When it comes to any B2B event, badges act as an attendee’s foremost introduction to an event full of strangers. Moments before your event starts, the first thing that can engage your attendees are beautiful event badges. Badges can create an impact when it comes to networking with professionals. A shoddy badge will take off the shine of the event, and will not do a good job of impressing your attendees. Badge printing apps come in handy here, as a good badge makes a great impression on the attendees, and moreover, your attendees would want to have the badges as souvenirs or as keepsakes.

Badges are used at many events, be it big ones like trade fairs, conferences, to small business events. The number of people attending may vary, from a few hundred to thousands. 

Even if your event has a good line-up of speakers and other attractions, and if your badge printing software is not good, your whole event could fail. To avoid that predicament, we at Eventdex have come up with a stellar list of the 5 Best Event Badge Printing Apps for the Year 2023. Your attendees would want to have the badges as souvenirs or as keepsakes.

What features do you look in for a Badge Printing Solution?

  • Print On-site event badges to avoid long queues
  • Pre-printed badges before the event using batch printing
  • Get your own custom-made bespoke badges, tailored to suit your needs
  • Print barcodes which are unique or QR codes on each badge
  • Print dynamic information on the badges, like a small agenda of the meeting…
  • Get eco-friendly badges and lanyards 
  • Get E-Ink badges
  • Use RFID tags or smart technology to make the event smarter

Networking opportunities are one of the reasons to create badges.  It is an identity of sorts. Details on the badges include the name of the person, their designation, and the company that they work for. Badges are identity cards, that can make great conversation starters, as they give you a better idea of the person in front of you.

Be it pre-printed badges where attendees get their badges ahead of the event, or on-site badges, where there are no no-hold ups and queues, an event badge printing app should be fast enough to print through and let the attendees into the event swiftly. 

There are many great options out there, both in On-site and Pre-Printed Badge printing software,  so you’re sure to find the perfect2 fit for your event.

What factors should you consider when choosing Badge Printing App for your next event?

  1. Is the app using the latest technology?
  2. Does the printer connected to the app print super fast? Can the printer be connected via wi-fi? 
  3. Does the printer print on double sides?
  4. Does the app have bespoke features/ is it customizable?
  5. Is the badge printing app equipped with a QR code reader and RFID?

 Here are the top 5 best Event Badge Printing Apps for 2023 are:

Eventdex Badge Printing App

If you are looking for a robust, performance wise great Event badge printing App, then look no further.  Eventdex’s on-demand badge printing app is one of the best in the industry. It can instantly register and check-in attendees. The robust check-in and badge printing software enables you to print large numbers of badges very quickly. The attendee can just walk up to the registration counter and get a personalized QR code and registration ID, and he/she will be checked in within 3 seconds! 

The self-check-in app enables attendees to check themselves in and out of events using their own mobile devices. The option of black and white and colored badges is available, as is the option of printing double-sided and single-sided badges. Best printers in the market, like Brother, Zebra, and Epson integrated with the Eventdex event management software give you leverage to print badges of different sizes, like 3×4 or 4×6 inches.

Badges also act as RFID tags (radio frequency identification tags) which can trace the attendee’s movements in real-time, in and out of multiple sessions, and capture the data for future use. This data can be synced across many devices and CRM.  The badge printing app is integrated with socket mobile scanners that help with scanning barcodes. The badge printing app is available both on android phones, and tablets, version 5.0 and above, and on apple iOS phones, with version 13 and above. iBeacons and Linear Pro are connected with the badge printing app, which can be connected to an iOS device.

Live analytics enables knowledge of real-time concurrent event happenings and information about post-event data as well. Contactless handling and printing of badges is done through the kiosk – mode. Kiosks are set up at various places in the event hall and help with easy and faster check-ins, due to less crowding. Kiosks help with minimizing spelling errors, and the attendees have the option of reviewing and changing their information in case of spelling mistakes. Kiosks also are a great hand, as there is minimal hardware used at the event. 

Evenesis Badge Printing App

Evenesis is another good badge printing software that makes the check-in process simple and easy. It identifies the attendees based on the pictures uploaded during pre-registration. Using facial recognition, when the attendee walks towards the registration counter, it scans and detects the facial points in 3 seconds. Evenesis check-in and badge printing software is much faster than manual check-ins and faster than QR/Barcode check-ins. 

Customized bespoke badges can be printed for delegates within 10 seconds, and it has the option of being fully tailored to the brand like logo, colors, and fonts. It also provides support to keep a record of all the previous and current records of attendees, and if badge printing is not required, check-in can be done through their mobile event app.

EventMobi Badge Printing App

Eventmobi‘s has good software that is needed to create the best event registration and check-in experience. The software has both event check-in app and event badge software all in a single event management platform. Its conference design badge software lets you design custom badges for different groups with just a few clicks.

What’s more, it turns your iPad or tablet into an event kiosk itself. You can select a badge template or create your own design with easy tools, and pre-print on any desktop computer. The conference badge software lets you go of all the hardware at the registration desk.

Nunify Badge Printing App

Nunify‘s badge printing app is a simple and easy-to-use app. It has an option where even if there is no internet connection, the check-in system will check-in and print badges.

The badge printing software allows performing test prints before the event to ensure that the visual badges are good. The conference badge app supports apple air-print, and a variety of badge printers can be connected. Most zebra printers are also supported. The visual badge designer has a drag-and-drop feature to build visual badges as well as custom print different VIP badges. Customizable alerts can be set up, so that when a VIP checks in, the right people are notified of it. 

The app also enables exporting of detailed reports of the check-ins.  and also allows syncing of the details with integration software.

 Socio Badge Printing App

Socio provides a single packaged solution that simplifies both the check-in and badge printing process, for the software, hardware, and on-site support needs. It is a flexible and simple-to-use app, Fast track check-in lets attendees verify their badge details 

The badges are printed in black and white by default, but pre-printed ones can be ordered for some extra cost. What’s more, Socio also ships out required equipment to your event after determining the badging and equipment needs. 

To sum up, we can say that looking for a badge amongst a mound of badges would be totally futile. To eliminate the prep time, and to check-in, your guests faster, either on-site or pre-printed, badge printing apps are always great solutions for busting the stress out of your event. 

With Eventdex Badge Printing App, check-ins and printing of badges has never been easier. Software that works both in kiosk and admin modes.  Connect with our Sales team and request a demo today!

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