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5 Common Myths Surrounding Mobile Event Apps

Mobile event apps are not new in today’s rapidly changing meetings and events industry. And while most event planners aspire to have mobile event apps, only some take the leap of faith to get one. Event organizers have their own apprehensions about mobile event apps, and more than often, underestimate the power of this technology. For instance, they mostly seem to be costly, are pretty much the same as mobile-friendly websites, etc.

There are several misconceptions surrounding just how much mobile event apps can help your events (yes, they are completely different from a website). Ignoring or understating their benefits, you may miss so many critical opportunities to leave an everlasting impact on your attendees. Here Eventdex debunks 5 common myths surrounding the mobile event app technology.

1: I don’t need an event app, I have a website

One of the most debated topics right now is between mobile apps vs mobile-friendly websites: do you really need both? However, the answer is: yes. Although it might seem very similar, you need a combination of both the tools to attract and retain today’s tech-savvy, mobile-loving millennials. Your event registration website and your event app are both equally important even if your website is mobile-friendly. It is important to recognize the difference between mobile apps and a mobile website.

Event planners need to understand that their website can only help in the online search. However, a mobile event app is something your attendees can store on their phone and access anytime. After all, eighty-seven percent of the time on mobile is spent in apps, according to Flurry. Therefore, having a mobile app can be incredibly powerful as it will give your registrants direct access to your event without having to ‘Google’ your event. It will also help you stay connected, boost loyalty, and increase your event ROI.

Another advantage of having an event mobile app is that it can be accessed without Wi-Fi or internet. A native app can optimize the user experience by providing information offline, which is not possible in any kind of event website.

2: Mobile apps are expensive and out of my budget

Another common myth about mobile event apps is the cost. As with most of the things, you can buy a pocket-friendly app that can fulfill all basic requirements. There are also several mobile event app providers like Eventdex that provide a fully functional app with all the bells and whistles at a nominal cost. Mobile event apps also give you the opportunity to increase your ROI by sponsorship. Add sponsors’ logos on each section of your app. However, do remember to increase your app adoption to have a robust ROI. Promote your app extensively to make sure your registrants know about it. Mobile event apps are also profitable as they reduce printing costs and provide all the relevant information on the palm of your attendees’ hands.

3: Most apps are extremely hard to use

Well, that should not be the case if you are using a user-friendly app like Eventdex. Any good mobile event app will be created with you and your registrants in mind. It is designed to creating and maintaining a meaningful connection as simple as possible, and not to complicate things. Make sure the mobile event app you choose is created by a team with several years of experience in the meetings and events industry – they will be well equipped to understand what will really work for you. Also, make sure your mobile event app provider has a good customer support so that you have help when you need it the most.

4: My event is too small to benefit from a mobile event app

Think event apps, and you’d perhaps think large industry association conferences and tradeshows. However, common features that make mobile event apps popular like attendee to attendee messaging, event agenda, and live audience polling – are often as relevant to a group of 100 as they are for an event of 1000 attendees. Events both large and small can take advantage of having direct access to important event information like session details, speaker bios, live audience polling and parking options.

More than anything, as mentioned in myth 2 too, these mobile event apps can actually help you increase your event ROI. Leverage sponsored ad placements with your exhibitors, and your event revenues can grow by a huge amount!

5: An app won’t sync with my CRM

The latest mobile event apps work seamlessly with your CRM, thereby letting you, sponsors, and your sales team know about the vital event information. Eventdex apps ensure that data flows seamlessly into your system with leading integrations. It eliminates the scope of errors as you won’t have to manually enter data into your CRM. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

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