How can I manage event attendees?

You can manage the attendees to your event, and check the number of attendees from the Attendee page

Manage Attendees

Path: Log in to your Eventdex account and click on [Attendees] under the event you are hosting.

Now you can see list of Attendee for the Event your hosting.

From the Attendee View-tab you can do the following:

  • Check the attendees to your event
  • Edit Attendee Information
  • Print a Badge to an Attendee (Or Bulk Print)
  • Assign a Badge Label
  • Assign Badge Print Status
  • Merge Badge
  • Assign Role
  • Assign Seat No
  • Assign Tag
  • Filter By (Ticket Type, Ticket Name, Badge Label, Badge Status, Check-in Status, Tag)

Import Attendees

It’s quick and simple to import attendees in Eventdex portal, and all you have to do is log into Eventdex portal with your username and password and follow below steps.

Steps to import attendees:

1. Go to Attendees tab and click on Import Attendees Button.

Import Attendees


2. Before proceeding with import , make sure to read notes provided. So that you can import attendees with out any mess.

Import notes

3. Download the template, click on Click here link to download sample template.

download sample template

Note: Even you can get long and Short forms of counties and States. Just click on the link provides in notes.

4. Choose the file that is ready with Attendee details in given format and select the Ticket and click on Next button.

choose import file

5. Now you need to map fields.

Note: Unmapped column will be skipped during actual load.

Click on Import button

6. Click on Import button once done with field mapping

Go to Attendee tab and cross check your imported records to verify that your information was imported as expected.

7. Event admin will receive Import status email.

Import attendees status email




Print Badge

Before printing badge a badge template need to be assigned.

How to setup Badge Template?  – add link Badge Settings

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee or multiple attendees to print badge.

2. Expand Setting menu and click on Print Badge.

Print Badge

3. Select badge template and click on Print button.

Select template and Print badge

Ex: Sample Printed badge

Sample Printed Badge

Using Badge tool you can design badge template as per your requirement.

4. Now badge status of that Attendee will be displayed as Printed.

Badge Status Printed

Assign Badge Label

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee or multiple attendees to assign badge label.

2. Expand Settings menu and click on Badge Label.

Assign Badge label

3. Enter badge label and click on save button to save.

Enter Badge label and Save

Now go back and check the Attendee Badge label. Attendee will be assigned with new badge label.

Assign Badge Print Status

You can assign Badge print status to an attendee or list of attendees in bulk.

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee or multiple attendees to assign badge print status.

2. Expand Settings menu and click on Assign Badge Print Status.

Assign badge print status


Assign Role

You can assign a role to an attendee

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee to assign role.

2. Expand Settings menu and click on Assign Role

Assign Role

3. Select a role from the list and assign it to an attendee.

Make sure to save the assign role.

Select role from list

Assign Seat No

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee to assign seat No.

2. Expand Settings menu and click on Assign Seat No

Assign seat no.

3. Assign Seat No. popup will display, Enter Seat No. and click on Save button.

Enter seat no and save

Go back to that Attendee and verify whether seat No is assigned correctly.

Assign Tag

1. Go to Attendees tab and select an attendee to assign tag.

2. Expand the Settings menu and click on Assign Tag.

Assign Tag

3. Enter the Tag Name and click on the Assign tag button.

Enter Tag name and click on assign tag


Merge Tickets

How to Merge Tickets?

1. Go to Eventdex>>Attendees.

2. Click on “Merge Tickets” Tab.

3. Select the Tickets to be merged & give one of them as a Parent Badge.”Save” to confirm it.


How to Email-a-Badge to attendee?

1. Go to Eventdex>>Attendees

2. Click on “Action” tab & from its drop-down menu select “Email Badge”. Select the required type & click “Next”.

3. Check the details & click “Send Email”.


Add an Attendee Manually

How to add an Attendee Manually for your event?

Go to Eventdex>>Attendees

  1. Click on “Add Attendee” Tab.

2. Enter required information & click “Save”.

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