How to Create a Donation Ticket?

To create a Donation ticket, please follow the below screens.     Once you select the Donation as an option as showing in the picture and click on Apply to save the changes.  You will be redirected to the ticket page and Save the changes again. On a registration page, […]

How to Create a Private Ticket?

To create a private ticket, please go to Ticketing>>Tickets>>Create Ticket. Click on More information and select Private in the ticket visibility dropdown list. Please go through the below screens to understand better.   Once you select Private and click on Apply at the bottom of the section, you will be […]

How to Import Seminars?

It’s quick and simple to import Seminar information in the Eventdex portal if you have many seminars/sessions to add, and all you have to do is log into the Eventdex portal with your username and password and follow the steps given below. 1.Eventdex >> Manage Events >> Event App >> […]

How to Add Event Schedules?

To create event schedules, please log in to your account and select an event. Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Event App >> Schedule Fill in the required details in the “Add Agenda” Section and click on “Save”. Program Name: Enter Program Name Start Time: Enter the Start Date and time of […]

How to create a Registration Questions?

Create a Registration Question: Login to your Eventdex event account and go to Registration Questions tab Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Ticketing >> Registration Questions >> Add Registration Questions (See the picture below). You will be directed to another screen where you can add details about the registration that can collect […]

Ticket Type Templates

Eventdex is providing three ticket type templates where event admin can send standard instructions to the registrant who purchases the ticket type of MatchLeads Buyer, MatchLeads Seller, and Lead Retrieval. Please go to Event settings >> Email Templates >> Ticket Type Templates. (See the image below) If you ON the […]