How Eventdex Transformed Ultimate Medical Academy’s Graduation Ceremony Event with Registration and Check-In App

Ultimate Medical Academy Case Study
Case Study

How Eventdex revamped UMA's Graduation Ceremony with a powerful Registration and Event Check-In App


Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), a nonprofit healthcare educational institution headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is dedicated to providing quality healthcare education to thousands of students nationwide. With a rich history spanning over 29 years, UMA offers a diverse range of educational programs, including online courses and campus-based training. UMA boasts an impressive alumni network of over 80,000 graduates. This case study delves into how UMA, in its commitment to excellence, leveraged Eventdex's Event Registration and Scan Attendee features to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their commencement ceremony, a pivotal event for both students and the institution.

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The Challenge

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) faced several challenges when organizing its pivotal commencement ceremony, a celebration of academic achievement for students, faculty, and staff. With a substantial number of attendees expected, including graduates and their families, ensuring a streamlined event registration and event check-in process was paramount. Maintaining the accuracy of attendee data, including graduate names, degree programs, and guest information, was crucial. The event had a tight schedule, requiring precise timing to prevent disruptions or inconveniences during the ceremony.

The Solution

Ultimate Medical Academy turned to Eventdex for a solution that would address these challenges effectively. Eventdex's Event Registration feature allowed UMA to create and manage a tailored online event registration process, enabling collectively 1346 graduates, guests, and faculty to register in advance. 4x3 size badges were printed on Zebra printers for the badge printing procedure. This not only provided an accurate attendee count but also captured essential information for a personalized experience.

The Result
On the event day, Eventdex's Scan Attendee feature streamlined the event check-in process for approximately 1346 attendees. Attendees presented QR-coded tickets that were swiftly scanned, reducing wait times and ensuring easy entries. Eventdex's event management platform provided real-time updates on attendance, allowing UMA to track guest arrivals and make event schedule adjustments as needed. UMA's collaboration with Eventdex illustrates the power of innovative event management solutions in enhancing the experience of the commencement ceremony, which is a significant academic ceremony for an educational institution.


By implementing Eventdex's event management solutions, UMA overcame the challenges associated with organizing a significant event and ensured a memorable and efficient ceremony. The successful integration of Eventdex's registration and event check-in solutions reiterates UMA's commitment to choosing excellent event management products and demonstrates how forward-thinking technology can significantly enhance event management processes. Through this Eventdex-UMA partnership, the latter not only elevated the standard of its graduation ceremony but also set a benchmark for efficient event planning and execution within the academic community.