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Why You Need Event Management Software

Event managers have been using different techniques to plan events long before computers were even created. We all know that event planning is not an easy job and it requires unique skills like flexibility, people and time management, etc. To help ease planners’ lives many onsite event management software providers have emerged in the last decade or so. They offer tailor-made event solutions that can alleviate the planning pains of organizers based on the complexity of the event.

Event management software features help restore sanity in an event planner’s life. From planning to executing events, onsite event management software is the fastest way to track attendee engagement and attendance, manage event registration and, view event activities in real-time. This is just a glimpse of what an onsite event management software can do for you.

Before we delve into the details, here are some of the benefits of an event management software. It is very important to understand web based event management features such as website creation, email marketing, on-site attendee check-in, etc. for you to understand which one will suit your business the best.

Website creation – the easiest way to launch the event website and customize them based on your needs.

Onsite check-in – generally all onsite event management app has this feature. Quickly check attendees into the event and reduce waiting lines.

Content management – manage event content by creating, editing, publishing, and updating information.

Event reporting – create dashboards and other event-related reports to show your events’ success to stakeholders.

And the list is endless… Given the plethora of event management software features available, it is inevitable that sooner or later your events will need event planning software to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s look at Eventdex’s top five reasons why you need event management software.

  1. Networking

Networking is one of the top reasons why people attend events. Having the right on-site event management software allows networking amongst potential customers and industry player, which in turn leads to information exchange that directly translates into event success. It is your sure shot way to creating an engaging event. Just make sure you define your goals of the networking session.

  1. Get out of your Comfort Zone to increase efficiency

It is natural that people love to stay in their comfort zone. Switching over is not necessarily pleasant and easy. If you’ve been using manual processes to plan events, then it can be overwhelming at first to identify a competent event planning software. But if you leave your comfort zone and move to event technology, then you can be productive and save tons of money.

An event management software system allows you to effectively promote your event and increase attendance to have a full house. A common misconception amongst people is that they think their event is unique and there is no solution that can help them. The result: they get stuck in the deluge of inefficient ways of planning events. But adopting an event management software system can help you and your business in ways unimaginable.

  1. Maximize attendance with Event Marketing

Speaking of event promotion, one of the critical features of an event management software is event marketing. An event management app helps event planners to increase the value of their events for their attendees. It will give you different ways to promote your events and increase attendance. With tools to automate email and social media marketing, you’ll be able to track your registration number. It can give you completely novel ideas to maximize registrations, just in case you are struggling with your goals. With event management apps, you can get the maximum exposure for a bigger impact.

  1. Reduce long queues at registration desks

An old adage – the first impression is the last impression really holds true in the meetings and events industry. As event organizers, you need to ensure that your events provide great networking opportunities and offer a seamless experience. This is certainly not possible if your attendees have to wait in long queues for checking into the event. An on-site event management tool can help you quickly check attendees into the event and reduce long lines at the registration desk. Reduce the scope of human error by printing badges onsite and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

  1. Generate Reports To Improve Event ROI

Reporting is an integral part of events as it helps you track and improve the performance of your events. However, it can be a daunting task if done manually using spreadsheets and other point solutions. A comprehensive conference event management software can help you make data-driven decisions and create unforgettable event experiences. With an on-site event management platform, you can review data in real-time or generate reports for your team and stakeholders. This data can in return help you improve your events and design the perfect attendee experience.


Today’s business continues to be extremely competitive. To successfully remain afloat and navigate the rough waters, you need an onsite event management software that can help you become productive, save time, reduce cost and improve the event experience for attendees. Events are central to your business’ marketing activities, and an event management software can give you a competitive edge and be a partner that you always wanted.

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