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What Event Professionals Want Out of In-Person Events

With the return of in-person events, event professionals are embracing the opportunity to create meaningful connections and experiences in the events industry. While virtual and hybrid events offered convenience, they couldn’t fully replicate the essence of in-person gatherings. As in-person events make a comeback, event professionals have specific desires and expectations from these gatherings. In this blog, we’ll delve into features and benefits of Eventdex’s in-person events platform, and what event professionals want out of in-person events and why they are so eagerly awaited.

Eventdex’s In Person Events Platform

An in-person events platform is a robust and versatile system designed to facilitate the planning, execution, and management of face-to-face gatherings, such as conferences, trade shows, seminars, and corporate events. Eventdex’s in-person event platform serves as a comprehensive solution for event professionals, offering a wide range of tools and services that simplify the logistical challenges of organizing live events.

Eventdex’s in-person event platform typically includes features like event registration, on-site badge printing, event check-in systems, mobile event apps, attendee engagement tools, and real-time analytics. By centralizing these critical event management tasks, an in-person event platform enables organizers to create immersive and memorable experiences for attendees while ensuring smooth operations and efficient communication throughout the event.

Features of Eventdex’s In Person Events Platform

Effortless Badge Printing and Attendee Scanning

At the core of the in-person event platform lies an advanced badge printing system that streamlines the event experience. Attendees can expect swift and professional event badge creation upon arrival, eliminating waiting times and adding a touch of professionalism to the event. Eventdex event platform‘s attendee scanning technology ensures accurate attendee information capture, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Multiple Device Event Check-Ins and Session Tracking

Flexibility and convenience are paramount with support for multiple devices, enabling event organizers to efficiently manage attendee event check-ins from various entry points. Event professionals today demand flexibility and convenience in managing attendee check-ins, and this feature delivers precisely that. With support for various platforms and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops running on both iOS and Android, event organizers can efficiently oversee attendee check-ins from multiple entry points. With session tracking, organizers can pinpoint which sessions are resonating most with attendees, helping optimize the event program in real-time

Event Sponsorships for Added Value

In-person events can be boosted with sponsorships that generate revenue and provide added value to attendees. Virtual booths, branded ads, sponsored sessions, and exclusive attendee data access are among the tools available to foster valuable connections and elevate events. In-person events become even more impactful with strategic sponsorships that not only generate revenue but also enhance the event value for attendees. Eventdex offers a range of sponsorship opportunities that can elevate events.

Virtual booths provide sponsors with a digital presence to showcase their products and services, while branded ads offer prominent visibility within event materials and platforms. Sponsored sessions enable companies to share their expertise and insights with a targeted audience, establishing them as thought leaders. Sponsors can gain access to exclusive attendee data, helping them tailor their offerings and build valuable connections.

Printer Solutions for Onsite Badge Printing

Eventdex’s in-person event platform supports industry-leading printer brands such as Epson, Zebra, and Brother, ensuring effortless on-site badge printing for in-person events. Eventdex’s printer capabilities are nothing short of robust and lightning-fast. We understand the importance of efficiency in managing in-person events, and our event management platform is equipped to deliver just that. Whether you require crisp, high-resolution images or edge-to-edge color cards, Eventdex’s badge printers can handle it all with precision and speed. Eventdex‘s impressive printer capabilities guarantees professional and efficient event badge creation.

On Site Event Badges

Eventdex’s On-Site Badge Printing Solution takes your on-site event experience to the next level with its professional and personalized event badges. This powerful feature supports renowned printer brands like Zebra, Brother, and Epson, ensuring high-quality and swift badge printing. Event badges come in various types, each tailored to specific purposes. Standard event badges contain essential attendee details, while custom event badges highlight unique branding.

Eco-friendly event badges prioritize sustainability through biodegradable materials, while double-sided event badges offer extra information and pre-printed color event badges streamline event registration and branding. Mirror event badges present a visually appealing design with symmetry, pre-printed color event badges enhance security with holograms and color-coding, and full-color on-site event badges create vibrant and engaging event identification. For eco-conscious options, Eventdex provides fully degradable, plant-based, and plastic eco-friendly event badges

In-Person Events with Integrations

Recognizing the significance of attendee engagement, the in-person event platform seamlessly integrates with various tools to optimize event success. With Eventdex, you can access integration tools like Vonage Tokbox for flexible communications, Single Sign-On for secure access, Twilio for digital relationships, and scanners for efficient event check-ins. Our integration with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers enables convenience and mobility, while Interprefy helps overcome language barriers. Our integration with Salesforce simplifies attendee data management in your CRM. Live streaming your in-person, virtual and hybrid events becomes a breeze with integration with platforms like StreamYard, ReStream, and Zoom, allowing you to broadcast across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Integrated event payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Stripe Adaptive, Touchnet, Authorize.Net, and TrustCommerce, ensure secure event payments, and our partnership with Choose2Rent and One World Rental offers a wide range of rental electronic equipment for events. You can engage your audience with interactive event gamification through our integration with Social Point, and enhance your event with Growth Zone‘s CRM and billing capabilities. 

Benefits of Eventdex’s In Person Events Platform

Face-to-Face Networking Opportunities

One of the primary reasons event professionals crave in-person events is the chance to build genuine, face-to-face connections. Virtual events had their merits, but nothing quite replaces the power of one on one meetings, engaging in spontaneous conversations, and making lasting impressions. Professionals yearn for the networking opportunities that only in-person events can provide.

Immersive and Interactive Experiences

In-person events offer a unique opportunity for immersive and interactive experiences. Event organizers can create memorable moments through live performances, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities. Event professionals want to see a return to the kind of engagement that can only be achieved when attendees are physically present.

Learning and Knowledge Exchange

Event professionals are eager to attend in-person events for the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills. Educational sessions, workshops, and keynote presentations become more impactful when experienced in person. The ability to ask questions, engage in discussions, and learn from peers in real-time is invaluable.

Reconnecting with the Industry

The events industry is built on relationships, and in-person events provide the ideal platform for rekindling these connections. Event professionals want to reunite with colleagues, partners, and mentors they may not have seen in a while. These events serve as a hub for industry updates and trends, making them a crucial element of professional development.

Showcasing Innovations and Technology

In-person events offer a physical space to showcase the latest event technologies and innovations. Event professionals want to see firsthand how these tools can enhance event experiences and streamline operations. Touching, feeling, and testing these innovations in person provides a deeper understanding of their potential.

Rebuilding Trust and Confidence

In-person events also play a role in rebuilding trust and confidence in event safety. Event organizers have adopted stringent health and safety measures to ensure attendee well-being. By attending these events, professionals demonstrate their trust in these measures and contribute to the industry’s recovery.

Supporting Local Businesses and Communities

In-person events can have a significant economic impact on the local communities where they are hosted. Event professionals are aware of this and want to contribute to the revival of local businesses and tourism. By attending in-person events, they play a role in boosting local economies.

Eventdex’s in-person event platform emerges as the all-in-one solution for creating immersive and engaging in-person experiences. Whether organizers seek to simplify event management, enhance attendee satisfaction, or foster valuable connections, Eventdex’s event platform offers the tools and capabilities required to make in-person events a resounding success. With Eventdex’s event planning platform, event professionals can elevate their potential with face-to-face gatherings. Event professionals today have rekindled their passion for in-person events, driven by a desire for authentic face-to-face connections, immersive experiences, and the pursuit of knowledge.

To delve deeper into Eventdex‘s integrated in-person event platform, we encourage you to explore our website at Here, you can discover a comprehensive range of features and solutions designed to streamline event management and elevate the overall attendee experience. Should you have any specific questions or require personalized assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team at [email protected]. We’re here to help you unlock the full potential of your events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do event professionals prefer in-person events over virtual ones?

Event professionals often prefer in-person events because they provide opportunities for genuine face-to-face networking, interactive experiences, and learning in a dynamic environment that virtual events cannot fully replicate.

What is the significance of an in-person events platform?

An in-person events platform, like Eventdex, is crucial for streamlining the planning and execution of live events. It offers tools such as badge printing, attendee badge scanning, real-time analytics, and more to enhance the event experience.

How does Eventdex ensure efficient badge printing and attendee scanning?

Eventdex’s event management platform utilizes advanced badge printing systems and attendee scanning technology to ensure swift and professional badge creation, reducing wait times and minimizing errors for a seamless event experience.

What role do sponsorships play in enhancing in-person events?

Sponsorships add value to in-person events by generating revenue and providing attendees with opportunities to engage with brands. Virtual booths, sponsored sessions, and branded ads are some of the sponsorship tools available.

What are Eventdex’s printer capabilities for onsite badge printing?

Eventdex supports industry-leading printer brands like Epson, Zebra, and Brother printers, offering high-speed, high-quality event badge printing capabilities. The platform ensures professional and efficient event badge creation with options for various badge types.

How does Eventdex’s in-person event platform support integrations?

Eventdex seamlessly integrates with various tools like Salesforce, Twilio, scanners, and more to optimize attendee engagement, communication, and event management.

What benefits do event professionals gain from face-to-face networking opportunities?

Face-to-face networking allows event professionals to build genuine connections, engage in spontaneous conversations, and make lasting impressions, which are often challenging to achieve in virtual settings.

How do in-person events facilitate immersive and interactive experiences?

In-person events offer live performances, interactive workshops, and hands-on activities that create memorable moments and enhance attendee engagement.

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