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Trending New Event Technologies

Event technologies are creating new trends in hosting your meetings and events.

Here we bring you the latest trends and technologies that are used during events, which makes Events more trending and appealing

1. iPad Robot

– Double Robotics 3D Model Telepresence Robot:- This a very cool ipad robot, which actually moves.

  • You can see hear from anywhere in the world
  • It uses ipad for telepresence
  • Self balancing wheels for easy remove movement
  • Creating physical presence, when you are not there.

2. Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing in meeting and events. This is good way of engaging your audience and answering queries asked during the event. You may also show your product and features, providing a thrilling experience to your attendees.

3. Hoverboard

Hoverboards the coolest thing to commute inside the event area. It becomes difficult to walk long distances, during an event, so it is always a better idea to keep few hoverboards around the corner.

4. Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are one of the must keep items during events. People tend to get stressed out, especially if it’s a 2 daylong conference. These chairs are very comfortable and great stress busters. Attendees do appreciate if these are available at events.

5. Wearable

Wearable technology is very cool and plays an important role during events. These intelligent devices notify us about the timely medicine intake, alerts for eating & drinking etc. and how many calories were burnt.

If the event is more than 2 days, then it is important for someone to remind us about our daily regime on a timely manner.

There are many more uses and features of these bands, however we are only focusing few.

6. Mobile Charging Stations

Mobile charging stations are very useful as it helps to keep out laptops, phones and tablets charged. These stations can also be used as a branding opportunity.

These stations can be also used a networking hub, where you get to meet other attendees during the event and it can be helpful to share contact information and know more about each other’s business.

7. Online Event management Technology

It is very important to have a comprehensive event technology to manage the conference or event.

We at Eventdex offer powerful, easy to use yet affordable software solutions to event planners across the globe to simplify the different event planning and execution stages and get better ROI for all the stakeholders.

Here is the software suite and how it “app-ifies” your events

  • Boothleads- Lead retrieval app
  • Registration- Online/Onsite registration
  • 360° Event App– Attendee schedules, Push Notification, Gamification etc
  • Matchleads- Matchmaking app for events
  • ScanAttendee- Onsite checkin app for checkins and badge printing

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