Top 3 Websites To Trust For Event Management Software Reviews

Top 3 Websites To Trust For Event Management Software Reviews

Ever heard the phrase “choice paralysis”? Also known as analysis paralysis, choice paralysis affects us in ways more than imaginable. From clothes, dating partners to TV subscriptions and the food we buy, we are constantly in the state of choice paralysis where we over-analyzing (or over-thinking) and look for reviews from third-parties. Contrary to popular belief, having too many choices create anxiety and often paralyzes the outcome. And this is also true in our professional lives. As an event planner you might be contemplating buying event management software technology, but with so many options available, there is a state of fatigue; a state that is sapping us of happiness and making us regret the choices we make.

To help you save time in gathering information needed to make the right choice, we at Eventdex have come up with top 3 websites you can trust for honest event management software technology reviews. As you read the reviews of other event planners like you, you’ll ensure you make the right decision and overcome the state of choice paralysis when choosing event management software solutions.


G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is one of the best places to get real-time and unbiased user reviews to help you assess the best event management software. This website has an overall 430,000+ validated user reviews so that you can spend less time reading unverified reviews and outdated reports and make quicker, smarter decisions. Highlighting the voice of the customer, G2 Crowd is read by more than 1.5 million B2B buyers each month. G2 Crowd also has the first public gauge of Net Promoter Scores for business technology. You can easily avoid hidden risks and gain an accurate view of your likelihood of success.

Some of the most popular software and services categories on G2 Crowd include event management software, content management system, E-commerce software, hosting providers, and analytics software.



Capterra empowers millions of readers to find the best business software by providing them useful information such as verified reviews, ratings, and infographics. It is a free resource that has reviews of all the critical software required to run a successful business. With over 500+ software categories, this website is user-friendly and allows readers to quickly filter their options by the features, price, etc. You can compare products and read unbiased reviews, buying guides and blog posts. So, the next time you need an event check-in software, simply search it on Capterra and select products to compare side by side and get the best solution for your business. It cannot get simpler than this!



GetApp is a premier online resource that focuses mostly on giving an unbiased review of business apps and software as a service (SaaS) products. The website has more than 300,000 reviews of 7,000+ apps that can help you make the right decision. GetApp is a Gartner company and is easy to use and navigate. Buyers can easily compare software products with GetApp’s free interactive tools and detailed product data. Some of the features of GetApp include research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews. It gives buyers full confidence in the tools they have on their wish list. GetApp can be best used to gather information about mobile event apps and can help you buy the one that best suits your event. With all the useful data in front of you, GetApp will ensure that you get value for every cent you spend.


Hope you find event management software technology reviews useful on these websites. If you have any other website that you refer to, let us know in the comments section below. To check out Eventdex’s reviews and ratings, you can find them here

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