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Top 10 Benefits of Online Event Registration Software for Event Organizer and participants

Long event registration lines and paper registrations forms are a thing of the past. Over the years, technology has invaded the meetings and events industry and completely transformed the ways events are planned and managed. Event organizers worldwide are embracing online registration software services for big and small events alike.

Online event registration software not only increases efficiencies and eliminates mundane paperwork, but also boosts event participation and enhances marketing capabilities while allowing people to register at a convenient time. An online event registration system has myriad benefits for both event planner and event attendees, and that is why we have listed the top 10 ways how it can benefit you and your participants.

For participants:

Save time

An online event registration app saves a ton of time of your participants since they can sign up whenever it is the most convenient for them. It saves them time spent on filling paper forms and then sending it back via mail.

Get reminders

an online event registration system ensures you send reminder emails to keep them informed of the upcoming event. Once your participants register online, they will be automatically reminded of the event, eventually reducing the no-show rate.

Secure and convenient payment

one of the major advantages of an online event registration platform is that it accepts payment securely online. Attendees don’t have to fret about writing a cheque or counting cash at the registration line.

Get confirmation receipt

Once your participants pay, they immediately receive an automated confirmation receipt instead of waiting for payment receipt confirmation, which can be easily misplaced!

Get early bird pricing

early bird pricing is an advantage for both you and your participants. While it is a way to increase event attendance, it also incentivises and rewards participants to register by a specific date.

Get discounts

event organizers have the flexibility to offer discounts with event registration software. It, like early bird pricing, is a great way to incentivise attendees to register for the event.

Less waiting time

with onsite event registration software, your participants can register on the day of the event. An on-site check-in app can register them and check-in them quickly into the event and wait for less in long queues at the event registration desk.

Single and Multiple registrations

with online event registration solution, participants can enter multiple events without filling the same fields over and over again. They can also register their entire team at once.

Easy to create fundraising

Event registration software has the ability to set up fundraising on the event registration page to help participants set up their fundraising goals and distribute it to its entire network.

Register for different sessions

participants can register for different sessions just by choosing from a list in the drop-down section. An online event registration system also allows participants to register for the multi-day event all in one go!

For Event Organizers:

Save time and money

automating manual processes of opening, entering and sorting out illegible forms can save time and help you focus on things that matter the most – attendee engagement! An online event ticketing software also saves you money by eliminating the cost of printing forms and brochures of the event.

Reduce errors

an online event ticketing app helps you reduce human errors caused by manually entering information from one system to another. It makes you look professional and like a seasoned event planner.

Secure online payment processing

most of the online event ticketing app providers like Eventdex are PCI compliant so that the registration fee is securely collected and processed.

Centralized data management

online event registration platform provides a centralized data management system where you can not only store participants personal information but also their payment, percentage of people registered, and other customized data.

Improve event efficiency

the time and money saved on manual tasks can be utilized to plan better events, contact more sponsors, prepare more activities, etc.

Customize online event registration

A good online event registration software will allow you to create a customized registration page that reflects your branding and your event’s look and feel.

Give detailed reporting

Online event registration platform provides valuable insights with detailed reports and customizable dashboards. Get information like receive and due dates, when refunds are given, and the multi-event analysis in one page to efficiently manage a successful event

Enhance marketing efforts

An online event registration system can enhance your marketing efforts with capabilities like email, social media integration, etc. It also allows you to have vital information like open rates and click-to-opens of emails to help you analyze what is working and what is not.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

saving time and money spent on printing event material is directly related to the bottom line of your event. That is not all an online event ticketing system does. Your event powered by this solution can increase ROI by boosting sponsorship opportunities and event attendance.

Create online surveys

Event registration software allows you to create surveys and get to know your registrants better. Build pre-event or post-event surveys to know what your participants would like to hear at the event or their favorite section of the event. Better still, do live polling to sense the mood of the audience.

Surveys help you create better events, increase participation and keep your attendees coming back for more year after year.


As you are evaluating online event registration software providers, make sure you select a partner that offers the above-mentioned benefits to you and your registrants.

Pro tip: Also focus on the security measures that the service provider you select has to offer. This is particularly crucial after tightening regulations related to data privacy such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Over to you now!

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