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Take your virtual events to the next level with these easy tips

As more events go online, marketers need to take extra care of the brand they represent. Regardless of whether you are using online conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype or a virtual meeting app, it is important to save your event from perils of technical issues, distractions, and unprofessional audio. To take your virtual events to the next level, it is important to keep these aspects in mind. Here are some practical tips that can help you create a memorable and professional virtual event even if it is your first time.

How to create a professional remote experience?

Several things can help you create a professional remote experience, including having a quiet room, great lighting, and using a virtual meeting app. An empty room can result in echoes that can distract the audience. In addition to having a quiet, carpeted room, make sure to have the perfect lighting that illuminates your face during the conference. Dimly lit rooms look extremely unprofessional, and that is why you should use LED desk lamps that light up your face whenever you are using a webcam.

What are the advantages of using a virtual meeting app?

When you use a virtual event app, you are bound to create a professional event experience that is not only memorable for your attendees but also all event stakeholders. A virtual event app has a ton of features that can take care of your events’ needs. For instance, it not only allows you to share event content but engages your attendees before, during, and even after the event. In addition to taking care of most of the things we’ve mentioned above, a virtual meeting app will let you live stream, conduct live polls and surveys, have live Q&A sessions, send personalized agenda, have activity walls, facilitate group chat and networking among other things.

What background should I use?

When conducting an event online or participating in a video conference, always use a neutral background so that it does not distract people. Bookcases, plants, or picture frames are okay, but a plain wall works the best. If you use a virtual event app, chances are that you will get few default backgrounds to choose from so that you don’t have to worry about what your audience sees behind you.

Is it okay to use a phone for virtual events?

Even though you may be using a virtual meeting app, it is not advised to use your smartphones to attend meetings no matter how convenient it is. A virtual event app is good to plan events, not to hosts events. Using a laptop is the best way to look professional, have a stable image, and take notes whenever you must. All this is practically impossible when holding your phone, making your brand look unprofessional and you unserious!

How do I ensure a sound technical setup?

A virtual event comprises several components, including technology such as the platform, microphone, and camera. While technical issues cannot be completely avoided, you can lower the chances of them occurring during the event. That is why it is so critical to use a virtual event app that is easy and simple to navigate. Before you go live, make sure to test out the features, do a dry run with your team and think of all the what-if scenarios so that you are well prepared in advance. And while you do all this, make sure to use a good quality microphone that comes with an inbuilt speaker and mic. Using an external microphone is a great way to create an intimate, conversational sound profile.

How do I look good in the camera?

To look good and as real as possible, use the camera at your eye level. By placing your laptop at a height, you will ensure you always have eye contact with the person you are talking to and your image looks more natural to them. The easiest way to raise the webcam to your eye level is by putting it on a box or using a big fat book underneath your laptop. And while you are trying to look your best at the event, make sure to switch all your notifications so that no window pops up when you are presenting or hosting the event.

What is the right dress code for a virtual event?

When at virtual events, it is almost obligatory to keep your camera on. Therefore, dressing professionally is a must. Here is a tip: dress the same way as you would if you had to go to an actual event. This way you will get the feel of being in an actual event and change the way you speak and interact with your attendees. Try it out to know what we are talking about!

Make Virtual Feel Real

These were some of our tips to create stellar virtual events. If you take these simple tips into consideration, you will build a positive professional, personalized experience for each one of your attendees and keep all stakeholders happy. Good luck!

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