Sustainable Event Management Software for In-person Events

According to a study by the Convention Industry Council in the United States, the use of technology at events can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Having stated this fact, the event management industry is also responsible for around 1-2% of the global carbon emissions, which is roughly equivalent to the aviation industry emissions worldwide, and hence, Sustainable plays a vital role in the Event Management Business.


We have been hearing this buzzword for the last decade, and now it is not merely a buzzword, it is an important part of a collective struggle to save our planet in the coming years. Over the last decade, we have seen major changes in terms of an urgent call for action by all countries – developing and developed, with the United Nations playing a critical role with its charter of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, for Environment, Social, and GovernanceESG compliance.

When it comes to sustainable event management, rather sustainable in-person events, the events industry has to think of ways to make greener events possible. A sustainable event planning strategy has to be in place, and hosting a good eco-friendly event would not only reduce your carbon footprint but also make your attendees happy. According to the latest studies, green event planning in your events can reduce your carbon footprint by 90%. The United Nations has come up with sustainability goals that not only reduce costs but will go a long way in impacting the future of our events.

In-person events such as conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, and expos can have a tremendous impact on the environment. Right from the transportation of attendees to the waste generated during the event, there are many ways that events can contribute to environmental degradation. Attendees travel by airplanes, cars, or buses to reach the venues, which contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the energy used to power the event, like the lighting, and heating of the venue can also have a significant impact on the environment. Waste such as single-use plastic like water bottles, food packaging, and plastic cutlery can end up in landfills. Many event organizers overlook waste management practices, further harming the environment.

ESG compliance

ESG compliance is a vital aspect of our lives, and it is time to bring ESG solutions to the forefront. Sustainability in meetings and events refers to the practice of creating and managing eco-friendly events in a way that minimizes negative environmental, social, and economic impacts, while also maximizing positive contributions to society.

Although bridging the gap between in-person events and sustainability can be quite challenging, it is very important to incorporate a good ESG strategy into the event planning process and make it a priority. Event managers today opt for event management software for their sustainability summits that help with reducing the carbon footprint, and such practices would also attract more environmentally conscious attendees, delegates, sponsors, and partners.

Eventdex Event management software can play an important role in promoting sustainability in the in-person event planning process. Here are some ways that event management software can be used to make in-person events more sustainable:

Digital Event ticketing and Event registrations

Eventdex Event management software can be used to create digital event tickets and event registration forms, reducing the need for paper and saving on badge printing costs. 

Paperless Event Agendas 

Eventdex Event management software can be used to create and distribute digital event agendas, reducing the need for paper handouts. On-demand scanners and wireless badge printers can be used to coordinate services such as on-demand badge printing and event check-ins through self event check-in kiosks.

Electronic Communication

Our Event planning software can also be used to communicate with attendees and exhibitors electronically, reducing the need for paper mailings and saving on postage costs. 

Green Reporting and Event Tracking 

Eventdex Event management software includes tools for tracking and reporting on the event’s sustainability efforts, such as energy consumption and waste reduction, this can be helpful for event managers to measure and improve their sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Options

Some event management software includes options for sustainable transportation, accommodation, and food options, allowing event organizers to make more sustainable choices.

Remote Events

Eventdex Event management software can be used to create and manage hybrid events wherever possible, which can reduce the environmental impact of events by reducing travel.

By using Eventdex event management software in these ways, event planners can reduce the environmental impact of their events and promote sustainability. Additionally, promoting sustainable events can also attract more environmentally conscious attendees, sponsors, and partners, in turn getting more prospects through mere word of mouth.

There are some more ways through which an in-person event can be made a green conference, like using energy-efficient equipment and sourcing renewable energy for the event, using eco-friendly transportation options for attendees and staff, encourage using local food resources sourced from local farmers, using eco-friendly products, encouraging recycling and choosing venues that have sustainable practices in place. Also, incorporating sessions on sustainability education and engagement opportunities for attendees would prove to be beneficial in the long term, as the attendees will be aware of the negative impacts of bad environmental practices and promote positive social and environmental outcomes in their future events.

How Eventdex is Being Sustainable for In-Person and Hybrid Events

Eventdex is a sustainable event planning solution for in-person and hybrid events because it utilizes digital technologies to reduce the environmental impact of traditional event planning. One of the major ways in which Eventdex is proving to be sustainable in the events industry is through its paperless comprehensive event registration system. This feature has the ability to event check-in and check-out attendees, and by eliminating the need for paper registration forms, Eventdex reduces the amount of paper waste generated by events.

Paperless On-Site Event Registration through self-check-in kiosks is another way in which this software shows its sustainability. Additionally, Eventdex’s digital event management platform allows for the easy sharing of information and resources through integrated CRMs, reducing the need for physical materials such as brochures and flyers.

Through the use of digital networking tools like Lead Retrieval App, allows event attendees to easily exchange contact information and connect with one another, reducing the need for physical business cards and the waste they can generate. The use of energy-efficient equipment like wireless badge printers and scanners through sustainable event device suppliers for on-site badge printing and event registration make it more sustainable. Eventdex event planning software also allows for hybrid participation, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of events by eliminating the need for attendees to travel long distances to attend. This not only reduces the environmental impact of events but also makes them more accessible to a wider audience.

Eventdex is a sustainable event management system for in-person events because it utilizes digital technologies to reduce the environmental impact of traditional event planning. By eliminating paper waste, reducing the need for physical materials and networking tools, and allowing for virtual participation and exhibition, Eventdex event management platform helps to make events more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, responsible planning through good ESG practices and by taking a holistic approach through consideration of the environmental impact of every aspect of the event by the organizers can create a green conference for all involved in the event. For the well-being of our future generations, it is crucial to take action toward green event planning and at the same time being sustainable in the events industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize sustainable events?

There are several ways to organize sustainable events, a few of them being:

1. Go Paperless

2. Use sustainable materials

3. Choose sustainable vendors

4. Use renewable energy5. Educate and engage your attendees about being sustainable

What is green event management?

Green event management refers to the process of planning any event in an environmentally responsible way. This can include reducing the use of natural resources. It also means using green vendors who are committed to sustainable practices and also educating your attendees about the importance of sustainability.

What is ISO 20121 standard?

ISO 20121 is an international standard for sustainable event management. It was developed to help organizations plan and deliver events in a more sustainable manner. Adopting this standard can help organizations demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, reduce their environmental impact, and improve their reputation. Additionally, it can also help organizations save money by reducing resource consumption and waste, and improving the overall experience for attendees. The standard provides a framework for organizations to plan, implement, maintain, and improve their sustainable event management system

Why is ISO 20121 important?

ISO 20121 certification is a valuable tool for organizations to differentiate themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage over others. It demonstrates that an organization has met a recognized standard of sustainable event management and is committed to reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

What are the three pillars of sustainable event management?

The three pillars of sustainability are – economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity.

What does ESG stand for in events?

Finding a balance between economic outcomes, transparency, social interests, and the environment is the goal of  ESG concept. Nowadays during corporate events, ESG is frequently discussed, and there is a general consensus that it is time to accept accountability for how our actions affect the environment.

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