Lead Retrieval System

What Trade Show Organizers Need to Look in a Lead Retrieval System

Lead retrieval system are a powerful tool that can help trade show exhibitors make the most of their event participation by providing them with valuable leads and insights. Trade shows are an important part of many business’s marketing and sales strategies. Trade show lead retrieval app provide a great opportunity to meet new customers, showcase products and services, and generate leads. However, managing leads effectively is essential to making the most out of a trade show.  Eventdex’s lead retrieval system is a tool that helps trade show organizers collect and manage leads effectively. In this blog, we have mentioned the features of Eventdex’s lead retrieval system, along with why a lead retrieval app is important and how lead retrieval devices work for trade shows. 

Features of Eventdex’s Lead Retrieval System

Eventdex’s lead retrieval system is designed to help exhibitors make the most of their event participation by providing them with valuable leads and insights. The lead retrieval system comes with a lot of comprehensive features, like QR code scanning where attendees can scan QR codes on exhibitors‘ booths or badges to quickly and easily collect contact information. Lead retrieval forms let attendees fill out a form with their contact information, such as name, email, and phone number, and the details are then fed into the database through integrated CRMs.

Eventdex’s lead management software allows exhibitors to view, edit and export leads, and assign them to sales team members, from where they can contact potential leads. Through lead analytics, exhibitors can track which leads are most interested in their products or services, and get insights into the performance of the leads. The lead follow-up feature in the event lead capture app allows exhibitors to follow up with leads after the event, and schedule appointments with leads easily. This is known as exhibitor lead retrieval. Integration with CRM systems like Salesforce allows leads to be easily added to the CRM system for future use as potential clients. Eventdex also ensures compliance with data protection laws and regulations and has a clear privacy policy.

How does Eventdex’s Lead Retrieval App for Trade Shows Work?

Lead retrieval is all about creating the easiest way to connect with contacts and make real connections on the event floor. Eventdex’s lead retrieval app works in the following ways in trade shows:

Measure Booth Traffic

Eventdex’s Lead retrieval software allows you to measure booth traffic and attendance and provides multiple reports, including the projected vs actual footfall at the booth.

Achieve High ROI

Trade show lead retrieval software by Eventdex helps your exhibitors get more business from your event so that they keep coming back for more year after year. The lead retrieval app empowers exhibitors to collect leads on their phones or any other device and later export them to their CRM.

Manage Leads Effectively

Eventdex’s Lead retrieval system for trade shows helps manage leads better by automating the classification, organization, and lead scoring process. It helps score leads based on the media channel, geography, engagement period, or any other defined attributes.

Generate Quality Leads

Trade show badge scanner app by Eventdex empowers exhibitors to gain more visibility on who is attending the event, connect with high-quality leads, and generate more business opportunities and, in return, more return on investment.

Why are lead retrieval system an important part of events?

Lead retrieval scanners are an important part of events because they allow exhibitors to quickly and easily collect and organize contact information from attendees. This can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to manually collecting and inputting contact information. Lead retrieval system by Eventdex can also provide valuable data and insights that can be used to improve future events, such as which attendees are most interested in a particular product or service. Additionally, Eventdex’s lead retrieval apps provide an efficient way to follow up with attendees after the event, which can help increase sales and lead to long-term business relationships. It also makes it easier to track the ROI of the event and make better decisions on future events.

How do you retrieve leads at trade shows?

There are several ways to retrieve leads at trade shows, like using a lead capture form that attendees can fill out with their contact information, such as name, email, and phone number which makes it easier to capture leads. Business card drawing in trade shows is a popular one, where the organizers can have a business card drawing for a prize and ask attendees to leave their business cards to enter. All the cards can then be put in a single box and a lucky draw can be had to announce winners. Scanning badges is another form of lead retrieval, where digital badges are used that can be scanned to collect contact information. Offering a free consultation or demonstration of your product or service, and asking for contact information in exchange is another form of lead retrieval. By hosting a contest or giveaway, the organizers can ask attendees to provide contact information to enter, and the details can be captured for future use.

What Factors Should Trade Show Organizers Consider When Using a Trade Show Lead Retrieval App?

Ease of use: The lead retrieval device should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. This will help to ensure that exhibitors and staff can quickly learn how to use it and that there are minimal disruptions to the flow of the trade show.

Accurate lead retrieval: The lead collection app should accurately capture lead information such as contact details, company information, and notes. This will help to ensure that leads are followed up effectively and that no important information is missed.

Integration: The trade show lead retrieval should integrate well with other tools and software used by the organization, like integration software to capture details of potential customers. This will help to ensure that lead data can be easily synced to a central database and that it can be used in combination with other marketing and sales tools.

Customizable lead forms: The trade show badge scanner app should allow for the creation of customized lead forms and data fields. This will help to ensure that the lead data collected is relevant to the organization and that it can be used effectively.

Reporting and analytics: The system should provide detailed reporting and analytics capabilities. This will help to track the performance of the trade show and to identify areas where improvements can be made.

Mobile compatibility: The system should be mobile-compatible and can be used on tablets or smartphones. This will allow exhibitors to collect leads easily and on the go.

Secure data storage: The system should have secure data storage and backups. This will help to ensure that lead data is protected and that it can be recovered in the event of a problem.

Exporting capabilities: The system should allow for the export of lead data in various formats. This will help to ensure that lead data can be used in other marketing and sales tools.

CRM Integration: The lead retrieval system should integrate with CRM, marketing automation, and other platforms to make the lead management process more efficient and easier to use at the same time.

All the above features are available in the Eventdex lead retrieval app. To conclude, a good lead retrieval system should overall have good features that should make it easy for organizers to collect, manage and analyze lead data, saving time and increasing the effectiveness of their event management and marketing efforts. Schedule your demo today with our sales team at Eventdex and discover all the benefits of the Lead Retrieval System.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lead capture app?

A lead capture app is a type of software application that is designed to collect information from potential customers or leads. This information is typically used by businesses to generate leads and track customer interactions. Lead capture apps can be used in a variety of trade shows, exhibitions, etc.

What is a lead retrieval system?

A lead retrieval system is a type of technology that is used to collect and manage information about leads generated at events such as trade shows, conferences and exhibitions.

How do you capture leads in a conference?

Leads can be captured in a conference through lead capture forms, surveys, business cards, attendee registrations, and lead magnets like free trials.

What is a lead capture mechanism?

A lead capture mechanism is a tool to gather contact information from potential customers, also known as leads. This is generally done to convert them into potential leads for future business. 

What is the best way to capture leads?

The best way to capture leads is through the Lead Retrieval App that event management software providers like Eventdex provide.

How do you collect leads at a trade show?

Leads can be collected at a trade show through lead capture forms, business cards, surveys, social media, and attendee registrations.