On Demand Badge Printing

The Ultimate Guide To On-Demand Badge Printing Solutions 

Badges are an essential part of any  B2B event, whether it is a conference, a trade show, or a corporate meeting. They help to ensure security and order by allowing event staff and organizers to quickly and easily identify attendees. Today’s event professionals are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. If you are planning an event, then you should definitely consider using an on-demand badge printing solutions.  

To get the right badge within seconds, the on-site badge printing app should be robust, sturdy, and quick.

 Although pre-printed badges have long been associated with events, technology has come a long way now, and after the pandemic, on-demand badges are in vogue, as they are hassle-free, save time and money, and can be used to print high-quality event badges quickly and easily, and now several on-demand badge printers often used by event planners.

Also considering that badge printing will be done only on demand, it means that you will also be able to save on paper and other printing materials as well. Eventdex offers a wide range of badge printers and accessories to meet your specific needs. Further, we will take a look at some of the benefits of on-demand badge printing software and know why they are the best choice for your event.

Overview of Eventdex’s On-Demand Badge Printing App 

Eventdex‘s on demand badge printing app offer easy-to-use interfaces and are capable of printing large badges speedily. If you are looking for an affordable onsite badge printing system, then you should consider using the best onsite event printing software as well. These software programs are designed to make printing badges onsite easy and hassle-free and allow the attendee to just walk up to the registration counter and get a registration ID and personalized QR Code for check in.

The name badges are then printed with the assistance of robust and best printers in the market like Brother ZD and GK Series Label printers. Some badges also act like radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to trace participant movement in real-time and sync all the captured data across various devices and your CRM.

Eventdex‘s seamless on-demand badge printing suite is often used for exhibitions, conferences, expos, Trade shows, walkathons, small meetings, etc. It will also mean that with on-demand badge printing you will always know who has arrived and who is left to come, as everything is digitally recorded through the Eventdex Event Check-in App. Live stats can give you the total attendees present, broken down by type, and post-event reports that enable you to get more details. 

Compatibility and Integration of Eventdex’s Printers

Eventdex’s Event Check-In app is compatible with Android phones, and tablets, with version 5.0 and above, and with iOS version 13 and above. A plus here is that the app is integrated with iBeacons and Linear Pro, which can be connected to an iOS device.

Eventdex’s event check in and badge printing app also are integrated with Socket Mobile Scanners that help make scanning barcodes a breeze.

A self-service kiosk is set up that ensures contactless handling and printing of badges. Eventdex’s printers give you more options to print different badges of different sizes, like 3×4 or 4×6 inches, and black and white or color, or with peel-off stickers, based on your preferences.

Eventdex‘s mobile event apps also enable push notifications by using smart tags and beacons to know about crucial event updates. You can always send more personalized content and information with the single click of a button plus other updates.

Onsite Attendee Check-in & Badge Printing by Eventdex – Video

To eliminate long queues at registration desks and to capture your attendees check-in information in real time, Eventdex sets up different kiosks at the events so that the attendees can self check-in and get their badges printed on-demand with minimal difficulty, and that too in real time. Such kiosks are a great way to eliminate the hassle of spelling errors, allowing the attendees to personally change their information, meanwhile saving a chunk of your team’s time. 

You can see a video of our self check-in kiosk with which the self check-in mode is paired. The attendee can approach the kiosk and scan their registration confirmation QR Code that is sent via email upon registration. The badge is automatically printed a few seconds later. If the attendee doesn’t have a QR code, it can always be searched by entering the information manually. 

Eventdex also offers a wide range of pre-printed badges and lanyards. If you need custom badges, we can help you design and print them. To ensure that your event runs smoothly, we also provide support with a wide range of products like Business Matchmaking, Lead Retrieval, Event Registration Software, Onsite Event Management Software etc.

Nowadays, the concept of sustainable name badges and lanyards plays a key role in the events industry, as sustainability is the need of the hour. The newest innovations in event badge technology can give you a fully recyclable solution – like our full-color, double-sided expo badges.


Badges are an excellent way to promote your brand and create a celebratory mood at your event. On-Demand Badge Printing and event check-in has never been easier with Eventdex Solutions, as they facilitate you to keep up with the new times! Request a live demo today!

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