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Eventdex Brings Poster Walk Feature: Let’s Go Virtual

Not so long ago, gallery walks with posters on the sides were accepted lore at events. At its heart, these walks were a platform for interactive discussions where attendees could review the information and provide feedback to their peers. Today, replicating this experience in virtual events is challenging for planners who want to offer the same level of engagement and interactivity on digital platforms. That is why for a successful online gallery walk, it doesn’t get much more essential than having the right Poster Walk tool that allows seamless communication and dissemination of information. So, what exactly is an online poster walk?

The concept of an e-Poster walk session is still a novel one. As events have moved into hybrid or virtual space, there is a need to create virtual poster sessions that:

  • are easy to navigate and visually attractive,
  • can be quickly created by event organizers/presenters,
  • easily allow presenters to share their poster and initiate discussions,
  • Integrates well with other technologies for tracking purposes. 

Keeping the above points in mind and for a truly interactive poster session, Eventdex has added an e-Poster feature to its all-in-one online event management software platform. It allows presenters to showcase scientific, medical research and product launch e-posters during Virtual Events. Virtual posters during online exhibitions or events delivers the same social experience as face-to-face events.

e-Poster Walk

Poster Walk for Event Organizers

If you are an event or conference organizer, you must have a lot on your plate. From registrations, surveys to onsite engagement and reporting, there is a lot to do in a short span of time. That is why using a comprehensive virtual event management app that offers e-poster walks is the best way forward. Deliver state-of-the-art online interactive poster sessions by creating a targeted list from your abstract management system, send invitation letters to authors, and set up visually appealing virtual poster boards – all from one system! Poster walk sessions created on Eventdex event management platform are supported on its virtual event mobile app, allowing the host to make changes and viewers to view posters on the fly. With its voting feature, you can create a poster competition and declare winners on the app. You can also extract status reports in real-time throughout the event to measure its success. 

Poster Walk for Viewers

Attendees at conferences and exhibitions can view multiple posters by scrolling through the gallery screens, which hosts high-resolution virtual poster boards. They can like, comment, vote, and even download the poster for exploring their interests and diving deeper into the content after the conference is over. All the analytics and reports are generated for the author to understand the most popular posters. 

Why use e-Posters ?

When compared with make-shift solutions such as different LMS and internal website services, and e-Poster tool fairs well on all aspects of digital gallery walks. To begin with, a virtual poster walk solution has several engaging features that are often missing in other solutions, including like, comment, vote, and download e-posters.

Second, creating a virtual poster session through professional solutions enables relationship building, something that websites and other tools fall short of delivering.  

Third, since poster walk is often a part of a virtual event management solution, event organizers can manage the entire event from a single event planning platform or mobile event app. Whether it is budgeting, abstract management, registration, surveys, or event marketing, planners do not have to rely on disparate solutions while creating a stellar poster walk session.  

E-Posters for the Healthcare Industry and Universities

Poster walks are popularly used by the scientific community in universities and the healthcare industry for hosting virtual medical meetings, medical workshops and health conferences, etc. and regularly sharing research papers. E-posters transform the way we think about poster presentations and allow viewers to share their inputs and stay up to date with information. 

At a strategic level, online poster walks are a great way to build a community feeling within events like virtual medical conferences, where like-minded people can collaborate and connect. It allows organizers to create a poster walk session that is more than just an orderly presentation of information, facilitates the exchange of ideas, and infuses more social interaction.

Why Eventdex Poster Walk for Virtual Events?

Eventdex is a leading provider of virtual event management software, which is adept at handling the entire event lifecycle. With the addition of Eventdex poster walk to its existing event management software tools like virtual business matchmaking and virtual event platform, organizers can completely transform traditional poster presentations and drive meaningful conversations. 

Other benefits of using poster walk for hosting academic and medical conferences as well as virtual medical meetings are:

  • One system for all your event planning needs: from registration, marketing to abstract management and reporting.
  • Supported in Eventdex mobile event app so that users can view posters on-the-go.
  • Reach a wider global scientific community as participants can join from anywhere. 
  • Save time and money spent on travel, accommodation, printing, and other logistics.
  • Offer enough engagement opportunities with features such as like and comment.
  • Get real-time reports on each poster’s performance. 
  • Upload media-rich content, which is not just limited to an image format.
  • Drive communications in the comments section and build rapport with your peers.

Poster sessions are at the core of events organized by universities and pharmaceutical companies. Whether it is a virtual academic or medical conference or medical meetings, posters are a great way to share updates on the latest research and findings. Eventdex e-poster feature reimagines traditional gallery walks and provides more meaning to the virtual event by fostering collaboration and making it more social. 

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