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Are Events a part of your Marketing Strategy?

Many organizations these days host meetings and events as a part of their marketing strategy.

According to Regalix Research
  • 92% of Marketers invest in Event Marketing
  • 84 % of marketers identify reaching many prospects in a short amount of time as the key benefit of Event Marketing
  • 80 % marketers identify lead gen as the main objective of their event programs
  • 79% marketers believe physical events yield better ROI
  • 64 % marketers expect that Event Marketing budgets will increase in the next  12 months

                                                                                                                                                                —sources Regalix

Following are the 6 benefits of hosting a live event:-

Building Relationship:  Events are the best form of interacting and networking with people and at the same time showcase the value proposition of the company and its products. This also helps in building contacts and explore new contacts which eventually encourages to grow your business reaching new contacts.

Raising Loyalty and awareness:- Events actually gives an opportunity to analyze a product before they make a buying decision. Be it and product launches, product selling or networking, events are considered to be one of the strongest aspects of marketing, as it gives face to face interaction with the company representative and clear doubts and queries about the product and it’s services.

Advocating: It is very important to have word of mouth about your business. There can be nothing better when someone talking about your product and services and sharing their happy stories from their past event experiences or by using the product. This leaves a strong a memory in the back of the attendees mind, which helps them to influence the purchase decision.

Generating More ROI: Events also helps to generate more ROI. If events are done correctly, it drives revenue.

Event helps in:-

Different types of events

Building a public Image:- Events helps in creating a public image of your organization. Holding an event at a particular location helps to gain more attention and help in building new channels, which in return helps the business to grow and reach new potential customers.

Conclusion:- Events no doubt is the most important marketing strategy for a company, so it should be executed with lot of research and planning. We at Eventdex, help you to execute your meetings and events . We are the only ‘App First’ innovative cloud based platform offering a suite of mobile apps for events. We cater to the different aspects of the event life-cycle and enhance the value of your events.

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