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These 5 Features of Event management technology are a must-have for you!

The importance of event management technology for marketers cannot be stressed enough. With marketers under constant pressure to enhance the result of their organization’s events, they need something extra to help them prove and improve event ROI. Typically used by event planners, technology for events has been evolving ever since its advent in the early 2000s and late 1990s.Today, technology has moved beyond its event planning origin into a lead creation, building brand awareness roles.

As you look for event management solutions that support your marketing needs, consider these five must-have event management tool essentials:

MobileEvent App

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane: it is the 1990s, you are working on your desktop and your phone lying peacefully next to your keyboard. Your phone is just a simple device to send and receive calls and messages. Flash forward to today: You’ve moved to laptops and your phone can do almost everything that your laptops can do. Today, you use laptops or desktops to see things that require higher pixel resolution. Your mobile has become a crucial information provider, especially when you are on the go. Therefore, make sure your event management solution also has an integrated mobile component. This will help you quickly and easily create mobile apps for any event that you host. Try for mobile web-based applications that are automatically created the moment you set up any event. Make full use of the app and provide attendees on-demand, personalized information like announcements, agendas, important event information, and appointment schedules.

Marketing Automation Integration

Marketing automation has become the talk of the tinsel town in the last few years. With most of the organization spending nearly one-third of its marketing budget on events, it is vital you capture the relevant data and store it in one centralized system. By integrating event management and marketing automation systems, you can easily track data generated before, during, and after the event. This priceless integration can improve your lead-to- revenue cycle, all while enhancing the impact and effectiveness of the event itself. If you have your own in-house CRM, make sure that the automation software has an application programming interface for seamless flow of data.

Lead Intelligence

Lead intelligence has become an important arrow in your quiver of event management solutions. Lead intelligence is a kind of data mining that helps marketer capture as much attendee information as possible. A name and email address may be a good starting point, but not enough to quickly close a sale. Even though lead intelligence is popular amongst sales departments, marketing managers can also use it to better understand potential customers. With lead intelligence integration, you’ll be able to mine all important data to close more sales quickly. The integration will equip you to capture profile,engagement, and interest data during the event lifecycle. This data can be combined with marketing automation tools to create rich and accurate customer journey.


Your event can be a huge success if you allow all event participants to achieve their goals through stronger engagement amongst each other. Your event management solution should foster greater engagement, create networking opportunities and increase sales opportunities. Opt for an event management platform that offers both self-scheduled and automated “matched” appointments. This will significantly improve the overall event experience.

Personalized “Event Views” for Attendees

Don’t provide one-size- fits-all experience at events. Choose an event management platform that gives attendees an option to see the content that they are looking for. In other words, your event management solution should act as a central resource that can be curated with the needs of your attendees. Make sure the solution can personalize agenda, 1-to- 1 meeting schedule, travel information, and other relevant content.

With these five “must-haves” features in your event management solution, you’ll be in the perfect position to have an impact both on your attendees and your company.

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