Event Management Software for Universities

Event Management Software for Universities

Universities are known to host all types of events – from workshops, orientations and graduations, regional alumni fundraisers to networking events, seminars as well as social and cultural activities. And the people behind it are no less than magicians balancing academics and the stressful job of planning events. The constant pressure to please stakeholders and meet or even exceed their expectations never goes away. That is why collaborative software like Eventdex can be the light at the end of the tunnel! It is a type of campus scheduling software that helps organizers at universities to plan flawless events and drive engagement. Eventdex event management software for universities takes the pain out of event planning and alleviates revenue.

New Jersey-based Event Technology Company Eventdex offers a suite of event management solution for the entire event life cycle. From event registrations, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, onsite management, to event mobile apps and custom event websites, it is your one-stop shop that integrates with your CRM. The power behind more than 1500 events, over 132,000 users trust Eventdex for managing their events – big or small alike!

Let us look at some of the benefits of Eventdex event management software for universities and how it can overhaul the way you plan your future events.

Streamline Communications

When planning events manually, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid miscommunication and keep everyone on the same page. On the other hand, event technologies like Eventdex foster real-time collaboration with everyone involved with the event – vendors, clients, and departments. Avoid confusion by sending regular updates and collaborate more effectively for your events.

Impress Your Donors And Attendees

Events are all about networking and brand building. In case you have donors at your events, then leave no stone unturned to leave a lasting impression with speedy seating and fast check-in. With Eventdex, you can easily identify your VIPs and special guests and make them feel special at your event. Event management software is all you need to take the pain and stress out of on-site event management and create a memorable event.

Create Success That You Can Measure 

You cannot improve what you cannot measure is extremely appropriate for events. However, in most cases measuring event success is the most difficult aspect of planning. Whether it is stakeholders’ expectations or attendee engagement, it seems almost impossible to measure such intangible values when doing things manually. Eventdex event management software for universities allows you to measure the success of your events and present it in customized dashboards. It captures all key metrics that helps organizers to make informed decisions and further improve future events.

Easily Manage Event Registrations

Driving registrations and managing them can be a mammoth task without using technology. Sending invites, collating them in excel sheets, tracking attendee preferences are some of the action items that can be tedious and laborious. With event management software, you can not only drive higher registrations but also manage them in one place. Technology enables planners to view all registrants in the system and send reminders to people who haven’t signed up yet. If your college and university do annual events or reoccurring events, then event technology empowers you to clone the previous events year after year and save a ton of your time!

Engage Your Community

Build mobile event apps for your orientation and alumni events to create a community and keep your audience engaged throughout the year. Encourage people to share content on the app and spark valuable conversations around the event, college or university. It is a great way to stay updated with all the relevant information. Integrate it with social media for people to know each other better and build lasting relationships.

Collect Valuable Feedback

Collecting feedback on sheets of paper involves a lot of data entry work and is time-consuming. Eventdex event management software for universities helps you collect feedback digitally so that you not only appeal to your audience but also have all the responses synced into your system. With event technology, you can analyze the results quickly and understand what is working and what isn’t.

Improve The Student Experience

Connect like-minded people at your events like orientations, alumni meet and homecoming weekends with interest based matchmaking apps. These apps can drive focused networking at the event and enhance event experiences. Create different types of matchmaking events depending upon the interest of your audience and let the networking begin!

Final thoughts

Make meetings and events in the university campus easy to handle, synced into your systems and make it visible to all stakeholders with Eventdex event management software. Our university and college software automates your event planning efforts so that you can save a lot of time and focus on other important things like building successful events that foster your flourishing campus community. We cut the stress often caused by incorrect bookings, missed deadlines, lack of communication, data entry errors, etc. To know more about Eventdex and how it can help you with your university events, contact us today!

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