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How to Enhance Your Attendees Experience at An Event

In today’s business environment, meetings, conferences, and events are essential in establishing an in-person touch point to different business as well as growing one’s professional network.

The dynamic event management industry is constantly evolving and embracing innovative ideas and super technologies to tackle various event operation challenges.

Here we are presenting some of the current global trends in the event industry, that event managers are using to enhance their attendees’ experience.

1) Focusing on a Niche Audience

The sheer volume of the audience at your trade show or conference is without a doubt a standard of measurement to evaluate the event’s success rate.

But, it is also true that events primarily focusing on smaller niche audiences are gaining momentum in the market. As the number of attendees is smaller, the event size is smaller, the budget and the scale of event operations is also smaller.

The main advantage, however, in organizing these types of events is that there is more interaction between the attendees and exhibitors, who connect to each other more easily and the whole experience becomes more personalized. These micro-focused events are surely here to stay.

2) Leisure Activities can serve as a Great break

This is a relatively new concept incorporated in recent events by some event management companies on an experimental basis and it was much appreciated by the attendees.

In these types of events, leisure activities like exercising machines, foot massagers, body relaxing chairs, instructor guided short sessions of yoga/aerobics, resting lounges, food counters (with creative lightings and music) are incorporated in the venue.

These activities often interlude them and provide a short refreshing break after which attendees are ready to jump back into the madness of the expo/tradeshow. Interacting with this type of informal and relaxed environment builds better relationships among the attendees and the whole engagement process becomes a memorable one.

3) Diverse Thinkers Encourage Innovation

As events are places where there should always be a flow of new ideas and opinions, inviting a keynote speaker outside of one’s organization or industry, can be refreshing. The purpose of events – of being ‘mindfulness’ can be accomplished by this way.

This helps in bringing a new perspective to the conference and sparks the process of creative thinking during the event. The diverse opinions presented by such speakers stimulate the audience to think bigger and broader to shape the industry and their organizations in a better way.

4) Value Added Gifts are a must for Exhibitors

Offering stylish and functional gifts are loved by everyone. A trendy bag filled with exciting gifts, printed overview of the event activities, best nearest local places to visit – are all extremely useful to the guests.

If you’re an exhibitor, treating attendees with freebies such as cupcakes, chocolates or company t-shirts also help in increasing booth traffic.

Gifting Digital Swag Bags – are also a unique way to surprise the attendees. It is a bag containing different gift vouchers, online discount coupons, etc.

These value-added gifts surely make a lasting effect on the visitor’s mind.

5) Combine your conference with Local Festivals

Combining formal events like conferences with fun-filled local festivals can make a typical dull conference an entertaining and memorable experience for the attendees.

The attendees always look for unique experiences in events, which are more informative as well as entertaining one.

Implementing such out-of-the-box ideas in the event will surely make it a memorable experience for the attendees and exhibitors. Everyone associated with such events gets more productive and profitable results in long-term. Also implementing these innovative trends gives an advantage to an event management company over its competitor. It fosters trust in sponsors and establishes a strong position in the market.  

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