Virtual matchmaking app

Engaging Attendees With Virtual Matchmaking App

One of the primary reasons for guests to attend an event is to meet new people in their industry and network. But with the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by the storm, networking seems a wish far removed from reality. As event managers look towards digital to save their events, many are struggling to create enough networking opportunities. In such a dismal scenario, Eventdex’s virtual B2B matchmaking app seems to be the superhero who can save the day for event planners.

Eventdex’s virtual business matchmaking app is suitable for events of all sizes and industries. It completely redefines business matchmaking by virtually enabling networking and attendee engagement before, during, and after the event. Backed by artificial intelligence, it ensures that people are accurately matched based on the information provided by them in their profile.

Our virtual event app offers planners an effective way to connect buyers with sellers, start-ups with investors, corporates with minority business enterprises, and exhibitors with attendees. It is easy to use and has introduced a novel concept of networking from home, empowering users to find the ideal prospect from the comfort of their living room.

Eventdex’s virtual matchmaking app is loaded with features that leave no stone unturned to boost collaboration and engagement. In addition to showing the top 10 matches based on personal preferences, it allows users to request, reschedule, and cancel appointments with only a few clicks. Attendees can share their screen to present files and record the event to use and review it in the future. The app also comes with a robust reporting feature that provides insights into attendee behavior for the right decision making.

The virtual meeting app also comes with a bunch of benefits that make its use even more compelling. With the app, event managers and users can save valuable time since they do not have to travel anywhere. It also saves them event setup time that is usually spent on planning face-to-face meeting. With proper planning and strategy, virtual business matchmaking events can save up to 75% of the cost of a live event since it involves no logistics related to the venue, accommodation, travel, and food. Event organizers can realize all these benefits and much more while fostering networking and lead generation.

To conclude, the use of a virtual matchmaking app seems to be the way ahead, particularly in such an extraordinary time. With restrictions on travel and the subsequent lockdown, event managers will have to innovate to remain relevant. Eventdex’s virtual event app has all the features required to set event managers up for success in a time when others are finding it hard to stay afloat.

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