CSE LIVE! 2018 Conference: Day 2

Tuesday March 20th, Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto

The second day of the CSE Live 2018 has the most-awaited trade show – the Imaginarium. Imaginarium is one-of-its-kind trade show that brings 100+innovative and affordable vendors in one room so that you can discover fresh and affordable event solutions. Spread over 30,000 square feet space, the trade show is the place to be and meet creative suppliers as well as learn about big ideas. The exhibitors at the CSE Live are some of the leading industry suppliers that provide creative and innovative products to make your events even more successful.

Another highlight of the event is the headline speaker – Julius Solaris, the founder of the Event Manager Blog. Julius Solaris is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers and has been named one of 25 most influential people in the meetings and events industry by Successful Meetings Magazine. He is the editor of Event Manager Blog, which is a leading event management blog that offers information on a range of topics associated with the meetings industry. Julius is also the founder of the Event Innovation Lab and has authored more than 10 books on event technology and innovation!

Julius Solaris will deliver his keynote on event tech trends of 2018. In an ever-evolving event tech landscape, it is important for event planners to stay up to date with the latest trends and meet the expectations of their attendees. Learn from the event wizard about the latest event tech trends, along with trends defining event marketing, social media, venues and destinations, event experience, event decor and styling, and destination management companies.

There are other sessions as well that caters to all aspects of event planning. Whatever your dilemmas, challenges, or downright problems, bring them along to this unique trade show and sessions presented by some of the most influential industry professionals. There is a session by Emily Lyons, President and Founder of Femme Fatal Media who will share her secrets, strategies and tools for getting clear, building purpose and driving her brand to the top. Emily’s stories are simply inspiring. She started from scratch and has skyrocketed her brand to international success, with 1,900 models working for some renowned companies across the world.

If budget woes are haunting you then there is also a session on how much you should charge for your event. The session – Let’s Talk Cash – presented by Sebastien David, Senik Events is most relevant for planners and organizers, who will learn various ways to make money in the event industry. Learn the dos and don’ts in the pricing your next event, including:

  • Various ways to charge clients
  • Ways to make more money with each event
  • Learn best practices and how others do it

There is so much to do and learn at the CSE Live this year. If you still want to know why you should attend this event, then here are the top three reasons:

Innovation – Learn how you can innovate at your next event and get inspired by fresh ideas. Meet more than 100 vendors, 40 speakers and discover the most current and cutting-edge trends over two days of CSE Live.

Customize your own schedule – You don’t need to meet everyone on the floor. Customize your own schedule and save time while you are at CSE Live. It’s totally up to you whether you want to be there for hours, one day or the entire event.

Forge valuable connections and build everlasting business relationships – CSE Live gives you an excellent opportunity to meet your industry peers, some of the most successful and influential industry leaders in Canada and creative exhibitors. It is a great networking opportunity to discover the support, products and services you need to take your events to the next level!

Eventdex will be there, what about you?

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