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10 Event & Conference Planning Software for Event Organizers

Picture this: You’re juggling a thousand tasks. RSVPs are flooding your inbox, vendors are calling with last-minute changes, and the venue layout feels more like a puzzle than a blueprint. Sounds familiar? Event planning can be a whirlwind, but what if there was a magic wand to simplify the process? Enter event & conference planning software, your secret weapon for turning chaos into calm. Imagine a digital hub that houses everything from guest lists and budgets to vendor contracts and seating charts. You can send invitations, track RSVPs, and manage event payments all in one place. No more spreadsheets, sticky notes, and endless emails.

Event & Conference Planning Software empowers you to:

Plan with precision: Create detailed timelines, manage budgets with ease, and visualize your event with interactive tools.

Collaborate seamlessly: Share information, delegate tasks, and keep everyone on the same page in real-time.

Engage your audience: Build interactive landing pages, send targeted emails, and streamline registration for a flawless attendee experience.

Automate tedious tasks: Generate reports, send reminders, and manage logistics with the click of a button, freeing up your time for the bigger picture.

Gain valuable insights: Track data, analyze results, and learn from every event to continuously improve your future planning.

Whether you’re organizing a small networking event or a massive conference, event planning software can be your ultimate partner in success. It’s time to ditch the outdated methods and embrace the future of event management. So, are you ready to use the power of software and create unforgettable experiences?

What is an Event & Conference Planning Software?

Ever dreamt of orchestrating a flawless event without drowning in spreadsheets and post-it notes? Event & conference planning Software is your digital maestro, streamlining every step of your planning journey, from initial brainstorming to post-event analysis. This powerful tool isn’t just about event ticket sales and seating charts; it’s a comprehensive hub encompassing registration, budgeting, vendor communication, attendee engagement, and data-driven insights. Imagine crafting detailed timelines, collaborating with your team in real-time, and sending targeted emails to thousands with a few clicks. 

Imagine automated tasks freeing you to focus on the magic that makes your event unforgettable. Event & conference planning software isn’t just a trend; it’s the future of event planning, transforming chaos into calm and amplifying your success on every stage. So, ditch the paper trails and embrace the power of software. It’s time to turn your event vision into reality, seamlessly and effortlessly.

Finding the Perfect Event & Conference Planning Software: A Guide for Busy Planners

Choosing the right event & conference planning software can feel like navigating a crowded expo hall – there are so many options, and each one promises to be the best. But fear not, fellow event maestros! This guide will help you cut through the noise and identify the features that truly matter.

Must-Have Features of Event & Conference Planning Software:

Event Ticketing and Event Registration: Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and hello to streamlined event ticketing with waitlists, group registration, and early bird options. Look for a tool that integrates seamlessly with your website for a smooth buying experience.

Event Mobile Access: Stay on top of things from anywhere with an event mobile app that lets you manage tasks, track progress, and communicate with your team on the go.

Automated Expense Tracking: Keep your budget in check with built-in expense tracking tools that automatically log your spending and help you stay on top of your finances.

Event Software Reputation: Don’t just take the vendor’s word for it. Check reviews on Google, app stores, and independent sites to get real user feedback.

Data Privacy & Security: Protecting attendee data is paramount. Choose an event & conference planning software that complies with your region’s regulations, like GDPR, and offers robust security features.

Robustness: Can the event & conference planning software handle the pressure of a large-scale event? Look for a platform that’s stable and reliable, even under heavy usage.

Customization &  Tailored Solutions: Every event is unique, so your event & conference planning software should be too. Find a tool that offers customizable features, like calendar views for deadlines or different task views to suit your workflow.


Integrations play a pivotal role in selecting event and conference planning software, enhancing functionality and connectivity. Support for widely-used platforms such as PayPal and Stripe ensures secure and versatile payment options, while integrations with, Mux, Postman, and Zapier contribute to dynamic social media displays, seamless video streaming, robust API development, and streamlined automation.

Support and Updates: A reliable support team and regular updates are essential for a smooth experience. Make sure your chosen tool offers both.

Collaboration: Seamless integration with other tools you use is key. Look for an event & conference planning software that syncs with your calendar, email, design software, and more, keeping everyone in the loop.

On-Site Event Badge Templates: On-site event badge templates are invaluable time-savers provided by event and conference planning software. Look for event and conference planning software that streamlines the event badge creation process, offering pre-built templates tailored for various event types.

Prioritize your needs by identifying the must-have features that align with your event type and budget. Avoid being swayed by unnecessary bells and whistles that might not contribute significantly to your event’s success. Take advantage of free trials or demos that most vendors offer. This allows you to test-drive the software, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your workflow. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Reach out to the vendor with any concerns or queries. A reputable provider will gladly assist you in finding the perfect solution, ensuring that the chosen software aligns perfectly with your event planning requirements.

Types of Event & Conference Planning Software

The world of event & conference planning software is vast and diverse, catering to a spectrum of needs and budgets. To help you navigate this landscape, here’s a breakdown of the main types you’ll encounter:

1. All-in-One Event Planning Platforms:

These are the Swiss Army knives of event management, offering a comprehensive suite of features for planning, promoting, and executing your events. They typically cover:

Registration and ticketing: Manage ticket sales, waitlists, and discounts.

Marketing and promotion: Build event websites, send email campaigns, and track social media engagement.

Event logistics: Plan schedules, manage venues, track RSVPs, and coordinate vendors.

Attendee engagement: Facilitate networking, polls, and Q&A sessions.

Data and analytics: Gain insights into attendance, engagement, and ROI.

Popular examples include Eventdex, Cvent, Whova, Eventbrite, and Wild Apricot.

2. Event Ticketing Platforms

These focus primarily on ticket sales and registration but may offer some basic marketing and reporting features. They’re ideal for simple events with straightforward ticketing needs.

Examples include Ticketmaster, Eventbrite (Ticketing), Regpack, and OneCause.

3. Virtual Event Platforms

As the name suggests, these platforms are designed for hosting online or hybrid events. They offer features like:

Live streaming and video conferencing: Host live presentations, webinars, and panel discussions.

Virtual breakout rooms: Facilitate small group discussions and networking.

Interactive elements: Integrate polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions to keep attendees engaged.

On-demand content hosting: Allow attendees to access recordings and presentations after the event.

Popular options include Zoom Events, ON24, Webex Events, and Hopin.

4. Niche Event Management Tools

Beyond these main categories, you’ll find tools specializing in specific aspects of event management, such as:

Survey and feedback tools: Collect attendee feedback and measure event success.

Venue and catering management: Simplify venue booking and catering arrangements.

Project management and collaboration tools: Keep your team organized and on track.

Sponsorship management: Secure and manage sponsorships for your event.

10 Top Rated Event & Conference Planning Software

From seamless event registration to captivating engagement, discover the 10 top-rated event management platforms that will elevate your next gathering.

Eventdex – Event & conference planning Software

An all-in-one platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, Eventdex has earned its place among top-rated event management software for its comprehensive suite of features, covering event registration, lead retrieval, matchmaking, online registration, website creation, mobile event apps, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, and on-site event management, and event apps. With a focus on attendee experience and organizer efficiency, Eventdex provides a versatile solution for various event types and sizes.

Best Features

Comprehensive Event Management:

Eventdex provides a comprehensive event management solution that covers all aspects of event planning, promotion, and execution. Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, the platform offers a range of features, including online registration, event ticketing, mobile apps, website creation, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, on-site event management, and more.

User-Friendly Interface:

Renowned for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, Eventdex ensures ease of use, even for those with limited technical expertise. The platform’s accessibility is a notable feature that caters to a diverse user base.

Robust Reporting and Analytics:

Eventdex offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing detailed insights into event performance, attendance, engagement, and return on investment (ROI). This feature empowers organizers with valuable data for post-event evaluation and future planning.

Customizable Features:

Evenydex’s Event & conference planning Software boasts a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs and workflow. This flexibility ensures that the software adapts seamlessly to the unique requirements of different events and organizers.


Eventdex is scalable and can accommodate events of all sizes, from small meetings to large conferences. This scalability ensures that the platform remains adaptable to the varying needs of different types of gatherings.


Learning Curve:

Despite its user-friendly interface, some advanced features may have a learning curve. Users might need training to fully utilize the platform’s capabilities, particularly for more intricate functionalities.


While integrations are available, some users have reported challenges connecting to specific third-party tools. Organizers should consider their existing tech stack and integration requirements when evaluating Eventdex.

Limited Customer Support Options:

Eventdex‘s customer support options may have limitations, with some users reporting slower response times or fewer support channels compared to larger competitors. Organizers should weigh the importance of robust customer support in their decision-making process.

Event Pricing:

Eventdex offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to features, event size, and usage. All the products are available a-la-carte as well. While specific pricing details are not publicly available on their website, potential users can request a custom quote. Typically, pricing starts around $1,000 per month for basic features, with costs scaling up based on individual event needs.

Rating Capterra: 4.8 / 5

Cvent Event & conference planning Software

A leading enterprise-level event planning platform for large-scale events, Cvent offers comprehensive features for planning, budgeting, marketing, and managing events of all sizes. Strong on data analytics, venue sourcing, and attendee engagement. Cvent stands out as a leading event management solution.Its robust features cater to events of all sizes, making it a go-to choice for organizers seeking a versatile platform.

Best Features:

Enterprise-level capabilities: Handles large-scale events with features like budget management, complex registration workflows, venue sourcing, vendor management, and advanced data analytics.

Comprehensive suite: Covers planning, execution, and post-event analysis with features ranging from meeting approval and budgeting to event registration, mobile apps, and data reporting.

Integration powerhouse: Seamlessly integrates with third-party tools, streamlining event workflows with CRM, marketing automation, and financial systems.

Robust security and compliance: Prioritizes data security and complies with regulations like GDPR and SOC 2 for peace of mind.

Scalability: Adapts to handle events of all sizes, from small meetings to international conferences.


Complexity: Extensive features may feel overwhelming for smaller organizations or those with limited event management experience.

Customization: While offering flexibility, may not provide the same level of customization as other platforms.

Learning curve: Mastering full functionality requires training, especially for non-technical users.

Pricing: Cvent doesn’t publicly disclose pricing but typically starts in the mid-five figures per year for basic features, with significant increases for larger events and advanced modules.

Rating: Capterra: 4.4 /5

Whova Event & Conference Planning Software:

Whova is a popular event management platform for conferences and trade shows, known for its intuitive design, gamification elements, and strong community focus. It offers features like mobile event apps, networking tools, speaker portals, and session scheduling.

Best Features:

Focus on attendee engagement: Excels in features driving attendee interaction, including mobile event apps, networking tools, virtual booths, gamification elements, and session scheduling.

Easy-to-use interface: Known for its intuitive design, accessible even for non-technical users.

Community-oriented: Fosters a strong sense of community with attendee profiles, private messaging, and gamified leaderboards.

Strong analytics: Provides valuable insights into attendee behavior, session engagement, and overall event performance.

Cost-effective: Offers competitive pricing for its feature set, attracting mid-sized and smaller events.


Limited enterprise-level features: Powerful for smaller and medium-sized events but may lack scalability for large enterprises.

Fewer integrations: Integration options more limited compared to some competitors.

Less customization: Offers some customization but may not cater to highly specific needs as well as other platforms.

Reporting limitations: While offering valuable insights, reporting capabilities might not be as detailed or customizable as some competitors.

Pricing: Tiered pricing based on features, event size, and attendee count. Basic plans start around $500 per month for smaller events.

Rating: Capterra: 4.8 / 5

Eventbrite Event & Conference Planning Software:

Eventbrite is a well-established event planning platform for ticketing and registration, offering a variety of ticketing options, marketing tools, and reporting features. It is ideal for smaller events and organizations with basic needs.

Best Features:

Simple and user-friendly: Known for its intuitive interface, making it accessible even for tech-novices.

Wide range of ticketing options: Offers various ticket types, early bird discounts, group discounts, and waitlists.

Marketing and promotion tools: Built-in tools like email marketing, social media integration, and event listing platforms.

Mobile access: Manage events on the go with the Eventbrite Organizer app.

Cost-effective: Offers relatively affordable pricing, popular for smaller events with limited budgets.


Limited feature set: May lack comprehensive features and customization options for larger and complex events.

Limited integrations: Narrower integration options compared to some platforms.

Scalability limitations: Limited for large-scale events with thousands of attendees.

Ticketing fees: Charges ticketing fees on top of the ticket price.

Pricing: Tiered pricing based on the number of tickets sold. Basic plans start with a small flat fee and a 2% ticketing fee on all ticket sales. Costs increase with advanced features.

Rating: Capterra: 4.6 / 5

Wild Apricot – Event & Conference Planning Software:

Wild Apricot is a member management platform with event management capabilities, suitable for associations and non-profit organizations. It offers online registration, payment processing, member directories, and email marketing.

Best Features:

Integrated member management: Seamlessly integrates event management with member data and communication tools.

User-friendly interface: Known for intuitive design, accessible to non-technical users.

Strong member engagement: Features online communities, forums, and targeted email campaigns.

Automated tasks: Automates registration reminders, payment processing, and post-event communication.

Cost-effective for member-based organizations: Event features included in most membership plans.


Limited event complexity: May not be as robust for large-scale or complex events.

Limited integrations: Integrations may be limited compared to some competitors.

Focus on member engagement: May prioritize member management over event management functionalities.

Limited mobile access: Mobile experience

Rating: Capterra: 4.4 / 5

Zoom Events – Event & Conference Planning Software:

Zoom Events is a popular choice for virtual and hybrid events, offering live streaming, video conferencing, breakout rooms, and on-demand content hosting. Known for reliability, ease of use, and integration with Zoom Meetings.

Best Features:

Seamless integration with Zoom: Leverages the familiar and reliable Zoom platform.

Comprehensive features: Covers all stages of virtual and hybrid events, including registration, ticketing, live streaming, video conferencing, and attendee engagement tools.

User-friendly interface: Designed for ease of use, even for non-technical users.

Scalability: Accommodates events of various sizes, from small webinars to large conferences.

Security and reliability: Robust security infrastructure and proven track record.


Limited branding customization: May not offer the same level of branding flexibility.

Fewer advanced features: May lack complex registration workflows, budget management, or vendor management.

Limited integrations: May not seamlessly connect with all specific tools needed.

Pricing structure: Pricing can be complex and not the most cost-effective for all event types and sizes.

Rating: Capterra: 4.6 / 5

ON24 – Event & Conference Planning Software:

ON24 is a powerful event planning platform for webinars and virtual events, offering interactive elements, live polls, Q&A sessions, and on-demand content hosting. Ideal for large-scale webinars and audience engagement.

Best Features:

Immersive engagement: Excels in interactive features like polls, Q&A, breakout rooms, gamification elements, and live chat.

Marketing and promotion power: Robust marketing tools for reaching target audiences and boosting event registrations.

Analytics and reporting: Provides valuable insights into attendee behavior, engagement metrics, and ROI.

Scalability: Handles large-scale virtual events with thousands of attendees.

Integrations: Connects seamlessly with marketing automation and CRM tools.


Limited event types: Primarily focuses on webinars and virtual events.

Learning curve: Some advanced features might require training.

Pricing: Can be expensive for smaller organizations or events.

Limited customization: May not provide the same level of customization.

Pricing: Pricing details not provided, but typically enterprise-level.

Rating: Capterra: 4.4 / 5

vFairs – Event & Conference Planning Software:

vFairs event management software offers an immersive virtual environment with 3D designs, lobbies, exhibit halls, and auditoriums. It covers all aspects of event management, from registration to live streaming, with a focus on creating engaging virtual experiences.

Best Features:

Immersive virtual environment: Customizable 3D designs create a realistic world for attendees.

Comprehensive event management: Covers registration, ticketing, live streaming, and post-event analytics.

Engaging interaction tools: Features polls, Q&A, live chat, and breakout rooms for active attendee involvement.

Accessibility focus: Prioritizes inclusivity with features like screen readers and live captioning.

Scalability: Handles events of all sizes, from small webinars to large conferences.


Learning curve: Extensive features may feel overwhelming for new users.

Cost: Pricing can be high for smaller organizations or events.

Limited mobile experience: Mobile app may not be as intuitive as the desktop version.

Customization limitations: Virtual environment customization may not be as flexible.

Pricing: Details not publicly disclosed. Request a demo and quote for accurate understanding.

Rating Capterra: 4.8 / 5

Regpack – Event & Conference Planning Software:

Regpack is a event registration platform with event management features, offering online registration, payment processing, waitlists, and email marketing. Known for affordability and ease of use.

Best Features:

Online Registration: Regpack simplifies the registration process by providing a user-friendly online platform for attendees to register for events conveniently.

Payment Processing: The software includes secure payment processing capabilities, allowing organizers to effortlessly collect payments for event registrations.

Waitlists: Regpack offers a waitlist feature, ensuring that organizers can manage attendee demand effectively, especially for events with limited capacity.

Email Marketing: The platform includes email marketing tools, enabling organizers to communicate with attendees seamlessly and keep them informed about event details and updates.

Affordability: One of the standout features of Regpack is its affordability, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations with budget constraints.

Ease of Use: Regpack is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both organizers and attendees, even those without extensive technical expertise.


Limited Event Complexity: While suitable for many event types, Regpack may not be as robust for large-scale or complex events that require advanced features like budget management or venue sourcing.

Limited Integrations: The integration options with other event-specific tools may be more limited compared to some competitors, potentially hindering data flow between platforms.

Focused on Registration: Regpack’s primary focus is on registration and may lack certain features that are more common in comprehensive event management platforms.

Pricing: Regpack typically adopts a customized pricing model tailored to the specific needs and scale of individual events. 

Rating Capterra: 4.8 / 5

Accelevents – Event & Conference Planning Software

Accelevents is a comprehensive event planning software platform designed to manage and organize events and conferences. It covers the entire event lifecycle, from registration to marketing, live streaming, and post-event analytics. Highly customizable and user-friendly, Accelevents is suitable for a wide range of events.

Best Features:

All-in-one solution: Covers registration, ticketing, marketing, live streaming, and post-event analytics.

Highly customizable: Extensive customization for branding, workflows, and user experience.

Engaging virtual and hybrid experiences: Interactive lobbies, virtual booths, gamification elements, and breakout rooms.

Mobile-first approach: Optimized for mobile devices for a seamless attendee experience.

Data-driven insights: Comprehensive analytics for measuring event performance.


Learning curve: Feature-rich nature can be overwhelming for new users.

Limited integrations: May not seamlessly connect with all specific tools.

Pricing: Details not publicly disclosed. Request a demo and quote for accurate understanding.

Capterra Rating: 4.8 / 5


Before deciding on a new event management platform, carefully assess your company’s objectives, desired features, current market trends, and impartial comparisons of leading platforms.It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the chosen event platform, as the success or failure of your marketing efforts may hinge on the events you host.For insightful recommendations, we highly recommend Eventdex event & conference planning Software, the premier and rapidly growing event planning platform. To explore more insightful blogs, visit For a quick demo, drop an email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Eventdex?

Eventdex is an all-in-one event platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, offering comprehensive event management solutions, including online registration, ticketing, mobile apps, website creation, business matchmaking, lead retrieval, and on-site event management.

What does event & conference planning Software do?

Event & conference planning Software streamlines the event planning process, covering everything from registration and budgeting to vendor communication, attendee engagement, and data-driven insights.

What are the must-have features of event & conference planning Software?

Essential features include event ticketing and registration, mobile access, automated expense tracking, strong reputation, security compliance, robustness, customization, support and updates, collaboration, and templates.

How do I choose the right event & conference planning Software?

Prioritize your needs, avoid unnecessary features, take advantage of free trials, and ask questions to ensure the software aligns with your event planning requirements.

What are the types of event & conference planning Software?

The main types include All-in-One Platforms, Event Ticketing Platforms, Virtual Event Platforms, and Niche Event Management Tools.

Why choose Eventdex for event planning?

Eventdex is recommended for its versatility, comprehensive event management solutions, user-friendly interface, robust reporting and analytics, customization, and scalability for events of all sizes.

How does Eventdex simplify the event planning process?

Eventdex streamlines the entire event planning journey, from initial brainstorming to post-event analysis, by providing solutions for registration, budgeting, vendor communication, attendee engagement, and data-driven insights.

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