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How Businesses Can Benefit from Business Matchmaking Software

Networking can be really tedious if done yourself. You have to ensure that people get enough opportunities to interact with each other and not aimlessly wander on the event floor. But all this and a lot more can be handled with a business matchmaking software. Business matchmaking software provides value to people attending your event and creates focused networking opportunities. Here is how B2B matchmaking software can improve your events – for both your business and your attendees.

Reduces the stress of planning networking activities

When there are so many people attending your event, you need to find a great way to initiate conversations. The traditional ice-breaking games and networking opportunities is a good way to get started. But this requires careful planning and even better execution. It is an unnecessary add-on on your existing pile of work that needs to be handled.

Business matchmaking software is the icebreaker and networking game. It’s the easiest way to initiate conversation amongst attendees and bring them out of their shell. Designed to connect people at events, it lets you forget about planning ice-breaking sessions and focus on other important aspects of event planning.

Increases brand awareness and event satisfaction

Event engagement doesn’t only mean engaging attendees during the event. Pre-event and post-event engagement is just as important as engagement during the event. These are critical steps that determine the success of an event.

Once your attendees register for your events, you should keep them engaged before, during and after the event. Sharing information on the venue, speakers, destination city, speaker and event content is a great way to begin.

All these things done manually can be painstaking. But with a business matchmaking software, you can effectively pre-engage attendees and allow them to match to sponsors/exhibitors they are interested in. It also allows them to book 1:1 meeting even before your event begins. This is an effective preparation that keeps them waiting for the event and reduces no-shows.

Collects valuable and actionable insights

Data is an event gold mine. You can use it to improve your events by addressing the problem areas. Business matchmaking software collects valuable insights into how your attendees network – right from the meetings they schedule to the most popular session/interests at the event. All these insights indicate how successful networking was at your event, when did they network the most, what were the popular interests, etc. once you have this information, you can use it to further improve your next event.

Improves the over attendee experience

Business matchmaking software is not just used to schedule meetings. It also allows attendees to plan their day at your event and seamlessly navigate during the event. By adding event schedule and floor map into the software, you can let the attendees know how much free time they have to network and how best they can utilise this time.

By using business matchmaking software you can eliminate the need for printing handouts and save money. And who said, matchmaking event software is a mobile app? Your attendees can also use it on their web browser to save storage space on their device. All in all, the software is a simple yet powerful differentiator in their event experience.

Enhances the quality of meetings

An event with too many people can overwhelm a lot of attendees and they might not even end up finding the right person. Your attendees need time to understand the audience they are meeting and the service provided by exhibitors or sponsors leads. But this isn’t always accomplished, especially in a short span of time at a busy event.

A good business matchmaking software ensures event participants find the ideal match and skip the uncertain matches. They can find the connections that will provide them with the best value and meet them instead of wasting time trying to figure out all this during the event. It is a win-win for all – your attendees, sponsors/exhibitors and business.

Business matchmaking software lets your attendees cherry-pick the best and have important meetings with them, enhancing their overall event experience.

Final thoughts

Business matchmaking software is a must-have for B2B events, no matter the industry or the size. It helps in managing vital relationships in the business world and creates more value for your events. You will help your event participants effortlessly connect with each other.

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