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All You Need To Know About Event Check-in Software

Event check-in software is becoming popular for events of all types and sizes. Whether it is a multi-day conference, a small workshop or a social gathering, event organizers are leveraging it to streamline the check-in process and further improve the overall attendee experience. With an event check-in software, event planners can have QR codes or barcodes on attendees’ badges and scan them when they arrive at the venue. This allows for a smoother and faster check-in process.

There are several other benefits of using onsite check-in app at an event. Let’s look at some of the reasons why forward-thinking event planners are using this technology and how you can also stay ahead of your event planning game with it.

What Is an Event Check-in Software?

Event check-in software, also known as onsite check-in app, is a mobile application that lets event planners confirm attendance during the event check-in process. With features such as QR code scanning and integration with CRM, it allows event planners to quickly check-in guests and reduce human errors.

What Is the Ideal Event Size for Using Event Check-in Software?

Event check-in app can be used for events of all sizes. Whether it is a small workshop, a training or a multi-day, multi-session conference, onsite check-in apps are totally customizable depending upon the event of the event planner.

Who Can Use Event Check-in Software?

Event check-in software is used by organizers at the venue. It can be either downloaded on a hand-held device or be set up as a kiosk mode. When used on a hand-held device, it allows organizers to scan the QR code and check attendees into the event. In kiosk mode, attendees can search their names on the device and check themselves into the event. The data collected is automatically synced with the CRM, providing real-time insights into metrics such as show rate or attendance.

How Does it Reduce Queueing Times?

The main aim of an onsite check-in app is to reduce long queueing times at the check-in desk. With features like the QR code reader, event planners can scan the badges to confirm the attendance of guests in a flash of a second. The person handling the check-in process can simply use their mobile device’s camera to scan the badge. It can’t get easier than this!

Will the App Improve My Productivity?

Just think about an event with hundreds to thousands of attendees. The check-in process can become a nightmare if done manually and would require a lot of human effort. An event check-in app can significantly save a lot of time by organizing and streamlining the entire process, thereby boosting your or your team’s productivity. It can avoid bottlenecks that can potentially jeopardize the entire event experience for your guests.

Can Event Check-in Software Lower Human Errors?

An onsite check-in software reduces instances of human error by using stable algorithms that restricts users from checking in the wrong attendee. It allows organizers to retrieve guest lists and manage each attendee within seconds. It eliminates the use of paper guest lists, which more than often is the reason for human errors.

How Can I Impress Attendees with It?

On the day of the event, the first impression of your event begins the moment your guests step into the venue. By making the entire check-in process simple and efficient for the guests, you not only speed up the arrival process but also give them more time to network and discover your event. Rather than wasting time at the check-in lines, your guests can explore the venue, network or be seated for your event to start on time. In other words, it gives them more time to experience your event. And yes, your guests will also see how modern and organized your event is!

What Type of Insights Does the App Give?

An event check-in software provides real-time insights into the exact guest count and who all are yet to arrive. This information can be retrieved anytime during and after the event to calculate the show rate, and eventually the success rate of the event.

How Does Onsite Check-In App Help Boost ROI?

If you are a seasoned event professional, you’d probably know the amount of money spent on printing badges. Adding to the logistical nightmare are the badges with incorrect names and late-night hours spent on arranging them alphabetically. With an event check-in software, organizers don’t need to print the guest badges. A check-in app can be linked with an onsite printer to print badges on demand and reduce printing costs. Also, say goodbye to printing the floorplan since they are readily available on the app.

What Kind Of Reports Can the App Generate?

With all the information collected digitally, event organizers can generate reports and use customizable dashboards to present it to the stakeholders. These reports allow the event organizing team to better understand who showed up at the event and who didn’t. This, in return, helps to send personalized follow-up communication as well as draw critical inferences for planning future events.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the general FAQs related to an onsite check-in app. Event check-in software is a great investment that boosts ROI and takes event experience to a completely new level. So, ditch the pen and paper and embrace the power of this technology (your guests will, for sure, thank you later)!

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