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AI Business Matchmaking Future of Events

The future of the event industry is being reshaped by AI virtual matchmaking. Applying AI-powered matchmaking to your event can save you time even while providing you with valuable information. Technology has grown pervasive in all aspects of life, whether you’re doing a personal task or running a business.

Daily, we connect with technology in some way, whether it’s browsing Netflix recommendations, shopping on Amazon, or using digital assistants like Siri and Alexa. According to Gartner, global artificial intelligence (AI) software revenue will reach $62.5 billion in 2022, up 21.3 percent from 2021.

So, how about events? What influence will artificial intelligence have on event matchmaking, and how can you prepare for it?

In this blog, we’ll look at how AI matchmaking has evolved into a crucial event networking tool in the ever-changing event industry.

AI Matchmaking is crucial for events

Event matchmaking includes a lot of data, thus AI has a lot more potential in this aspect. From your name to your interests to your profession, almost everything is a data point for an AI-powered product. It would take hours, if not weeks, to process all of those data points on your own. 

AI-powered business matchmaking solutions, on the other hand, can analyze all of that data in real-time and find the best matches based on data obtained and processed across hundreds of events. 

We are seeing increasingly data-rich scenarios since the majority of commercial events are molded around virtual features. For event organizers wanting to create stronger connections and more meaningful experiences, AI matchmaking platforms have become an essential element of the event networking industry.

How does AI matchmaking benefit events?

The major advantage of employing AI matchmaking for events is the amount of time it saves the user. 

Let’s look at a B2B matchmaking example to see how AI matchmaking is considerably superior to traditional matchmaking. 

A person can only manage a limited range of data points when it comes to matchmaking two firms or two event participants (hosted buyer-seller, investor-entrepreneur) at a business event, such as each party’s industry and role (hosted buyer or seller). The work might be completed and meetings scheduled using just a few data points to match the two parties. However, the success rate of any commercial connection has historically been modest.

With AI technology, full profiles and main keywords may be evaluated to uncover deeper relationships. AI can scan every single word and detect correlations incomparable language, in addition to looking at fundamental information like industry and job. This is AI technology’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) at work. We boost every event attendee’s probability of meeting the ideal individuals for business growth by taking this method.

Single Video Room for multiple matchmaking meetings

Trade Shows and other B2B events are increasingly prioritizing attendees’ event matchmaking as no organizer wants to leave event networking success purely up to chance.

Multiple meetings may be held in a single video room, allowing in-person and remote participants to communicate in real-time without leaving the room. It’s easy to start a meeting and then sit back and enjoy the following sessions. 

Single Video Room Benefits

1. Smart Configuration

This video room uses artificial intelligence to turn a single room into a multi-meeting space with various widgets. These widgets are simple to customize and may be utilized at any point throughout a meeting, allowing attendees to simplify sessions with no effort.

2. Automated Notifications

Attendees are notified automatically when a new meeting is scheduled. It also informs the event organizer in the case of a no-show or a cancellation. These automated reminders give you three minutes and then notify you if the other party does not show up.

3. AI-powered matchmaking

With Eventdex’s AI-powered business matchmaking, attendees and sponsors may meet individuals who share their interests. By integrating virtual video room capabilities within the AI-powered event matchmaking platform, you can help your attendees and exhibitors network and consume your content from anywhere in the globe.

What’s the most effective approach to getting ready for AI?

The attendance experience is one of many areas where AI may improve your event in meaningful ways. Instead of sweating the minor things, AI can figure out what each attendee wants to get out of the event and offer the best recommendations for them, from networking to session choices.

AI matchmaking software has fast become a popular tool for connecting guests with similar interests, as well as assisting consumers in discovering new information, goods, and services that meet their needs.

We’re delighted to introduce AI to our virtual matchmaking platform, which will help attendees network more efficiently and event organizers like you better your event.

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