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8 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Event Management Software

The meeting and event industry is no stranger to technology. As technology continues to evolve, it has eased the life of event planners by transforming the way events are planned. Several event technologies vouch to solve event planning problems and get things done faster and simpler. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of this technology, readers of this blog will admit that manually performing a multitude of tasks can make event planning tedious and stressful. If you are looking for answers to your event planning woes then you have come to the right place. This blog will list how event management software can transform the way you plan events and deliver memorable experiences to your attendees!

According to studies, the use of event management software is on the rise, with the global event management software market forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 8.42% between 2016 and 2020. The myriad event planning solutions in the market offer the following features

– Event Registration and ticketing

– Event website and event app creation

– Event promotion

– Event Networking

– Attendee Management

– Feedback

– Event analytics

With all these features and a lot more, event management software is a lucrative investment with a sure shot return. If you aren’t convinced yet, then keep reading the blog to learn why and how an event management software can be the extended team you’d been looking for!

Empowering Event Planners

Utilizing event management software puts you in the driver’s seat by empowering you to make decisions related to the look and feel of your event. As a planner and you can decide the information that will be put on the website, what posts should be promoted and the type of polling and discussion topics should be initiated on your event management platform.

Event management software allows you to be in charge of your events. Instead of the bouncing off ideas between different departments, stakeholders and hierarchy, everything is under your direct supervision.

Save Time With Automation

Event management software automates manual tasks associated with event planning and brings more time back in an event planner’s day. It allows you to manage the entire event management lifecycle from a single platform. Whether it is sending invites, tracking registration, event promotion or reporting and analysis, event management software automates tedious manual tasks and provides valuable insights to event planners. It brings all event stakeholders on the same page by giving a complete view of the event planning status.

Makes Ticketing Simpler

An event management software allows planners to integrate their website with registrations, ticketing, and payments. It not only streamlines the planning process but also creates a seamless registration experience for attendees. With an event management software, attendee’s don’t have to use different portals for ticketing and registration. For the planner, it allows them to create ticketing and registrations in one central place and track the number of sales and drop-offs from your website.

Checking In Guests Just Got Easier

As you use event management software for registration, you get an online repository of detailed attendee information. This database is vital for on-site attendee management, and more importantly, checking attendees into the event. With an online database, you can quickly check-in your guests with a single click and reduce the chances of manual errors during this vital on-site process. To further speed up the process, you can use QR codes enabled badges that can be scanned at the time of check-in. This process can easily simplify crowd management and also ensures security by reducing the instances of gate-crashing and tailgating.

Key Event Insights With Analytics

When you take your events digital with event management software you get free access to real-time data at every digital aspect of event planning – from the event website, event app, ticketing, to registration and overall event feedback. These insights are a great way to measure the success of your event and its overall ROI.

Event analytics can broadly be classified into four main categories: Event website analytics, registration analytics, marketing analytics, and attendee engagement analytics. Empowered with data, you can track your progress and make changes and strategize based on what is working for you and what isn’t. This data is beneficial to boost the overall event ROI.

Maximize Event Promotion:

Planning great events does not guarantee event success. You need to promote your event to maximize attendance at your event and create a house-full event. It is important to get the word out via multiple channels – something that event management software can easily do for you. Integrated with almost all social media platforms, it allows you to effectively promote events on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With the help of technology, you can build a promotion and marketing plan that includes sending invites, creating and scheduling social media posts, creating ad copies, etc.

Facilitate Attendees Networking:

With mobile event apps, you can facilitate networking within your attendees and create a sense of community among them. After all, one of the top reasons why people attend events is to meet and network with industry peers. Event management software provides a great way for people to engage before, during and after the event. Attendees can also participate in live poll and discussion and create customized event agenda based on their session preferences. Event technology such as mobile apps is the best way to drive attendee engagement throughout the event.

Manage Multiple Events Easily:

Event management software allows you to handle multiple events from a single platform. With important data stored in the system, you can better understand your events and optimize your future events and see what works best for you. You just have to clone your previous events and customize it based on your event theme and other aspects. This will save time for you to focus on other things that matter – increasing attendee engagement!

If you’d like to know how Eventdex event management software can help you with your event planning needs, then contact us today!

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