How to get the complete Check-In History Summary of every Session Manager of the App?

Step 1. Go to Eventdex App >> Login >> Select the Event for which you used Scan Attendee App.

Step 2. Click on “Scan Attendee” tab and from the accordion menu select “Reports”

Step 3. From the “Filter By”, select the “Session”, “Scanned By” (Session Manager/Username), “Event Date” from their respective accordion menus.

Step 4. Complete data collected by that particular Session Manager will appear in the table format.

“All” shows, how many times the App scanned the attendee badges in the Check-In operation for that session. “Unique” shows, how many unique attendee badges scanned by the App in the Check-In operation for that session

“Current” show, at present how many attendees are in Check-In status for that session.

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