Can I apply two different Promo codes at a time ?

Yes, you can apply two different promo codes but in this particular flow only. For example, Basic Promo Codes and Spend More Save More Promo Code. Step 1: Create a Spend More Save More Promo Code, give all the Required fields and Enter the amount between the promo should apply […]

How To Edit My Profile?

Step 1: Login to your Eventdex account. If you registered with an event provided by Eventdex and did not sign up to the Eventdex, please CLICK HERE to sign up to see your registered event(s) Step 2: Click on “My Tickets“. Step 3:  Under the “Order Details” tab,  go to […]

How to give Access to Multiple Event Admins?

How to give Access to New Event Admin? Step 1: After logging into the Eventdex portal, click on the “Edit” (as shown pencil icon in the below picture) to edit the event details. Step 2: Click on the “Add More Info” button Step 3: Click on the Plus tab (blue), […]

How to Create & Manage Seminar Event?

Seminars Step 1: Event Admin can Create and Manage Seminar event by clicking on the below given Tab sequence. Eventdex >> Login >> Manage Event >> Event App >> Seminars   Step 2: Click on the “Create Seminar” tab given at the top right corner of the Seminar Section. Step […]

Supported Answer types in Event Level Registration?

Eventdex supports 6 answer types for each level of registration questions. Text Paragraph Single Selection Checkboxes Choose from a List Scale You can choose any of the 6 Answer types from the list for Ticket, Package, and Level registration question(s). Text Answer type Text allows the registrant to enter the […]

How to edit/delete a Registration Question(s)?

Edit Registration Question(s) Yes, you can edit a Registration Question (s). Please follow the below steps to edit the Registration Question(s). Step 1: Go to the Registration Questions page and click on the Edit button right beside the Registration question that you want to edit. Step 2: Click on the […]

How to reset the password ?

Follow the below steps to reset the Eventdex account password. Step 1: In the Login page click on Forgot Password button. Step 2: Enter the User name and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.   A new password will be sent to your registered email ID along […]

How to update profile picture?

Step 1: Login to the eventdex mobile app Step 2: Click on the profile image at the bottom in the list of events screen Step 3: In the profile details, click on the headshot and update the image from existing photos or by taking a new picture using the camera […]