How to create a new campaign?

Path: Login into Eventdex account > Manage Event > Expand Registration tab > Click on Emails Step 1: Click on Create Campaign Step 2: Select Campaign type and click on the Next button By default campaign type is set as Announcements. From the Name field directly fetch and display the […]

How to add a New Ticket?

Follow below steps to add a new ticket Step 1: click on Tickets Step 2: Tap on “+” button to add a new Ticket. Enter all required ticket details Ticket Image Ticket Name Pay Type Ticket Type Price Quantity Visibility To add more ticket details expand More Settings In Ticket […]

ScanAttendee App Instructions

Step 1: Download – Please make sure to delete the existing ScanAttendee app and install the latest version from the App Store. DO NOT UPDATE THE APP IOS – Step 2: Login – Please log in to each device with a separate registration ID and password provided. If possible please print and […]

Reset Forgotten Password

Reset forgotten password Android and iOS mobile users should follow below steps to reset forgotten password. Android iOS Follow below steps to retrieve ScanAttendee account Password from Mobile app. Step 1: In login screen click on Forgot Password button Step 2: Enter your email ID and click on Submit button. Step 3: Check […]

Scan Attendee App Settings

Path: From dashboards screen click on Settings button at the top right corner. Step 1: Click on Settings button at the top right corner. User can change the Settings and save. Dropbox Badges Sales Tax Payments Profile External Badges Settings Sales Tax Settings Payment Settings Profile Settings External Settings


Scan Attendee mobile app provides an effective mobile dashboards to users to know how the business engine is performing. Total Event Statistics can be viewed in a single screen which covers Event Statistics Ticket Sales Payments Check In/Check Out Chart

Manage orders

Step 1:  Event Admin/Manager can see all orders related to the event by clicking on the below given Tabs sequence. ScanAttendee App>> Login >> Select the Event  >> Orders Step 2:  To see the order details please click on the order number. Step 3: The below screen will give an […]

How to check-In or Check-Out an Attendee?

Check-In or Check-Out an Attendee from an Event There are two ways to Check-In/Check-Out an Attendee Manual Check-In/Check-Out Through Badge Scanning Manual Check-In/Check-Out Manual Check-In Step 1: Go to Attendees screen, Swipe left to right on Attendee name. Now you can see an option to check-In in green color. Click on Check-In […]

How to manage user profile in Scan Attendee app?

Manage User Profile Step 1: From Dashboards Screen Click on Settings button. Step 2: Click on Profile User can see his/her profile and can edit his/her profile. User Photo First Name Last Name Company Name Phone Country State City Step 3: Click on Save button to save all changes made to user profile.