How to Signup and Login as a Matchleads Admin?

Step 1: Signup with the your Email Id.   Step 2: Enter Username and Password. Click on Login button  Step 3: Here you will be able to see the list of events for the admin. Further click on Manage icon to view the matchleads tab   Step 4: Click on Matchleads tab […]

Event Agenda

Create Event Schedule(Event Agenda) Create Seminar To create Event Agenda in Eventdex: Path: Login into Eventdex > Manage Event > Click on event Agenda under your hosting event. Go to Event Agenda and click on Create Event Schedule. 2. Add Agenda details Program Name: Enter Program Name Start Time: Enter Start […]

What is Onsite Registration?

Path: Login into Eventdex >> Expand Registration tag >> click on Onsite Registration On-Site Registration system allows organizations to have complete access to the Trade Show Onsite Registration System throughout the event from start to finish. This internet based On-Site registration system can run real-time registration reports, securely process credit cards […]

What is Online Registration?

Path: Login into Eventdex >> Expand Registration tag >> click on Online Registration Online registration is the practice of allowing invitees to register for meetings and events online. Online registration also allows registrants to securely pay for their event registration online. It is convenient for attendees to register online and […]

Manage Tickets

Add Ticket Add a Ticket Directly Edit/Delete Ticket Create Package Early Bird Tickets Manage Tags Cancel an Order Check Order Status Add a Registration Question Add Ticket Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Ticketing >> Tickets >> Create Ticket Step 1: Click on Create Ticket button to add a new […]

How to login to Eventdex?

To log in to your Eventdex account: Step 1: Enter your registered email ID and the correct password. Step 2:  Click on the Login button. You will successfully log in to the Eventdex account. Still can’t log in? If you’re having trouble logging into your Eventdex account here are a few things […]

How can I manage event attendees?

You can manage the attendees to your event, and check the number of attendees from the Attendee page Manage Attendees Import Attendees Print Badge Assign Badge Label Assign Badge Print Status Assign Role Assign Seat No. Assign Tag Merge Tickets Email a Badge Add An Attendee Manually Can we add same […]

What are Campaign Templates?

Path: Login into Eventdex account > Manage Event > Expand Registration tab > Click on Emails > Campaign Templates Eventdex templates (Standard and Custom templates) used in Email Campaigns will be listed under campaign Templates tab. By default Eventdex will provide you 6 Standard templates. Standard Templates and Custom Templates will […]

Campaign Logs

Campaign Logs tab will give a clear statistic count of mails sent through email campaign. Path: Login into Eventdex Account > Expand registration tab under the hosting event > Click on Emails >Click on Campaign Logs. All Scheduled Campaigns and Sent campaigns will be listed under Campaigns Log tab with […]