How to add a Multi-Item Discount Promo Code?

Add a Multi-Item Discount Promo Code in Eventdex for an Event  Path: Login to your Eventdex account >> Tickets >> Promo Codes Step 1: Click on Add Promo Code button at the top right of the Page. Step 2: Click on Create Button of Multi-Item Discount. Step 3: Enter All the Required fields and select […]

More Examples.

Example 1:   Buy One Get One Free Promotion:–          Buy one Ticket_1, get one free Ticket_1 / Two for the price of one. Step 1: Create a Basic Promo Code, give all the Required fields and select the tickets in left panel (Ticket_1,Ticket_2),The Discount value for selected […]

How to view reports?

Step 1: Click on Reports tab. Step 2: Click on Buyer Schedules >> Here you can view all the schedules of the Buyer’s in the event. you can also print the schedules by clicking on “Actions” . you can also export the schedules by clicking on “Export“(Format: CSV, XLS). Step 3: […]

How to setup matchleads Filter settings?

Step 1: Eventdex Portal >> Log in by entering your credentials >> Select the desired Event Step 2: Click on “Matchleads” tab >> Filters >> Under Filters, we have “Add Filter” button. Step 3: Add Filter >> Here we are providing an option to add the filters by clicking on […]

How to setup your Matchamaking?

Click on  Matchleads >> Setup >> Matchmaking tab Event Details Profile Settings Calendar Setup Table Setup 1. Event Details >> Here we will provide you an option to edit the Event Details that were given earlier. You will have an option to edit/update the following: Update MatchMaking Event Name, Start date, End […]

How to manage Admin’s event?

Step 1: Click on the Manage icon of the Event >> The Dashboard page is opened. Step 2: Click on MathchLeads Tab in the Accordion >> Opens Up the Dropdown. Step 3: Click on Dashboard >> You will see the MatchLeads Dashboard. Step 4: Here you can view the Total Corporate, […]