What is Online Registration?

Path: Login into Eventdex >> Expand Registration tag >> click on Online Registration

Online registration is the practice of allowing invitees to register for meetings and events online. Online registration also allows registrants to securely pay for their event registration online.

  • It is convenient for attendees to register online and pay online.
  • Online registration eliminates unnecessary data entry.
  • Free up invaluable time for you and your staff to spend on more important, strategic elements of your events.

Secure Online Payments

  • Set up secure, automated payments and refunds

Credit Card Processing

  • Accept payments from all major credit cards

Flexible Payment Options

  • Allow registrants to choose alternate payment options like check.
  • Offer early bird discounts to encourage registration before a certain date
  • Easily set up dynamic registration prices based on registrant type (e.g., member, non-member, client, prospect, student, alumni, etc.)
  • Encourage group registration with volume discounts
  • Add an option for a donation to be made – amount chosen by the registrant.



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