Campaign Logs

Campaign Logs tab will give a clear statistic count of mails sent through email campaign.

Path: Login into Eventdex Account > Expand registration tab under the hosting event > Click on Emails >Click on Campaign Logs.

Campaign Logs intro

All Scheduled Campaigns and Sent campaigns will be listed under Campaigns Log tab with following details

  • Campaign Name: Name of the Campaign
  • Template : Template used for that particular Campaign ( Standard/Custom)
  • To List :  List Name, to which list of Attendees you sent an Invite.
  • Date : Scheduled/Sent date
  • Mail Sent : Total Number of people in the List
  • Delivered : Among total count of attendees to how many attendees email delivered is successful
  • Failed : Among total count of attendees to how many attendees email delivery is failed

Fetch Data : Click on Fetch data button to get detailed campaign delivered status.

Click on Fetch data



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