Can I delete an active Basic Promo Code?

Yes, you can delete an active promo code which is not used by anyone(registrant). Step 1: In Promo Code page , click on delete icon right next to the Promo Code that you wish to delete Step 2: Promo Code delete Confirmation alert will be displayed. ” Are you sure, […]

Can I delete an active “ Used ” Basic Promo Code?

No, you can’t delete an active used promo code, It will goes under Inactive Status. You can Active it by clicking on Edit icon of the Promo and enable status as “Active”. Step 1: Click on Delete icon of the used Promo Code. Step 2: Opens a Confirmation popup.  “ This PromoCode […]

How to add a Basic Promo Code?

Add a Promo Code in Eventdex for an Event  Path: Login to your Eventdex account >> Tickets >> Promo Codes Step 1: Click on Add Promo Code button at the top right of the Page. The user will navigate to basic promo code Create page. Step 2: Click on Create […]

Badge Settings – How to use Badge Tool?

How to use Badge Tool? Using Badge Tool user can create their own Badge design. Please follow below steps to create your own badge template Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Expand Event Settings >> click on Badge Settings Page will navigate to Badge creator tool page. You can select […]

Ticket Fee Settings

Eventdex Ticket Fee Settings Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Event Settings >> Ticket Fee Settings In Ticket Fee settings Event Organizer will have an option to set up Eventdex fee. You have 2 Levels  of Settings Ticket Level Settings Event Level Settings Apply Fee Settings Add Eventdex fee on top of […]

Payment Settings

Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Event Settings >> Payment Settings This section allows you to set which forms of payments will be displayed to a user if the event has a price other than zero. Payment Methods This tab shows the payment gateways and there settings. Clicking one of the gateways […]

Display Settings

Path: Log in into Eventdex >> Event Settings >> Display Settings Event Organizer will have access to edit and save Display settings. If event Organizer edit and save Display Settings, where does these settings apply in Eventdex? Whatever changes does Event Organizer edit and save in Display Settings those changes will reflect […]

Attendee Settings

Collect info from Buyer only Collect info from All Attendees Current Ticket Settings Default Ticket Settings Additional Settings Path: Login into Eventdex account >> Event settings under the hosting event >> Attendee Settings. Collect info from Buyers Only With Eventdex One attendee or Buyer (the Primary Registrant)  can register other attendees […]

Supported Answer types in Ticket Level Survey?

Eventdex supports 6 survey answer question answer types. Text Paragraph Single-Selection Checkboxes Choose from a List Scale You can choose any of the 6 Answer types from the list for both Ticket Level and Event Level Survey Questions. Text Answer type Text allows the survey respondent to enter the answer […]