How to Create Roundtables ?

To create Roundtables on Eventdex Portal, please follow the steps below:

Path : Go to Eventdex Portal >> Login with your credentials >> Matchleads >> Setup >> Roundtables >> Appointments.

Step 1:  Set up the calendar by referring to the guide available at

Step 2 :  Create Roundtables under the Event App section by providing necessary details such as company name, overview, logo, and any attachments if required.

Step 3 :  To create roundtables, go to the Matchleads section and click on Appointments.

Step 4 :  Choose Roundtables from the session type to create a table.

Step 5 : Select tickets, date, and time/sessions to create the Roundtable.

Step 6 : Click on Create Table, assign the number of Chairs and Tables, and submit the details.

  • Number of Tables : This field allows you to specify the number of Round tables available at the venue.
  • Number of chairs : This field allows you to allocate the number of chairs for each table.


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