How to join the Virtual Meetings?

Please login to the Matchmaking portal at using your registered email address and password. Upon logging into the portal, go to My Appointments and you will see all your confirmed appointments.

  1. Join the meetings by clicking on the Virtual Meeting button.
  2. If you join early to the meeting, you will see a pop-up as shown in the below picture. once the clock countdown to zero it will take you to the next screen.
  3. Please make sure your audio and video settings by click on the Settings as shown below picture and Join Now. Please make note that your video will start automatically. 

  4. Once you join the meeting and the other party did not join, automatically the other party will get a call to join the meeting room also send an email to the party.
  5. You can also invite co-workers to the same meeting by sending an external link. To know more how to invite, please Click Here

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