Ever heard of a business matchmaking solution? Most of the people attending events want to create or increase their network. But, usually only minor networking occurs during the event’s coffee breaks. Eventdex allows your attendees to register for your event, see who’s visiting and book meetings with other participants with its unique business matchmaking app.

Matchleads is a seamless business matchmaking app that enables attendees to engage with each other at events. This engagement opportunity portal allows buyers and sellers to schedule face to face meetings, create a strong base of social networking and secure business opportunities. Our meeting app assists you to automate the matchmaking process over smartphones and tablets. It provides increased ROI, saves time and helps you to receive meaningful leads.

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With us as your business matchmaking partner

  • You can give your exhibitors the chance to know with whom they are matched and with whom they want to meet.
  • Exhibitors can select whom to connect with, thereby printing personalized schedules like one on one matchmaking appointments and session selection.
  • You can manage tables/booths, allow attendees to accept, reject or reschedule meetings, add comments and notes to appointments and apply custom field level settings.
  • Our innovative matchmaking software integrates with your event and adds real value for your attendees.
  • Buyers and sellers can export and print profiles with RFP documents.
  • You can upload videos, pictures & other marketing materials.
  • Buyers and sellers will have access to dashboards.
  • Users can get access to Surveys, Analytics, Demographics and Nested Q&A are other aspects that a user can get access to.

Want to generate Meaningful & Qualified Leads?

Here’s how our business matchmaking app can help. You can Control who connects to you with 4 settings you can easily change.


Where anyone can send out appointment requests to anyone. Sellers can pick whomever they want to meet based on their interest from the list of exhibitors and time availability.


Sellers can send out requests to buyers and then buyers can accept, reject or reschedule the appointments


Only buyers can send out requests


You manage that in the backend as an admin and orchestrate who can send out requests and who cant

Easy Networking and Meeting Management among Buyers and Sellers

With Eventdex’s business matchmaking app, Connect buyers and sellers and facilitate productive conversations and potential deals. Attendees can also schedule appointments amongst themselves and invite people personally to attend their booths. With our cloud-based platform, event organizers can easily receive real-time reports about the level of networking taking place.


User Flexibility

Our flexible meeting app allows you to access open, closed and semi-open matchmaking events. You can also accept, reject and re-schedule appointments. Exhibitors can list their preferences through dedicated portals, besides blocking open times. Additionally, you can setup one to two, two to three, or any combination of meetings!


Detailed Profiles of Buyers and Sellers

Our unique matchmaking app allows suppliers can upload products, services, business descriptions, certifications besides attaching brochures. Procurement managers can state their profiles, procurement needs and attach RFP documents.