Clubhouse Audio-Video Chat Rooms

The Clubhouse is an audio-video-based social network where anyone can spontaneously join voice chat rooms. Attendees may see all of the individuals they're following and join in on the conversation or listen along. It allows you to build and join "rooms," which are virtual spaces where you may talk with others in a conference call. Users have the ability to join and exit the call at any moment.

Eventdex can make your Real-Time connections more Interactive & Engaging

Eventdex’s Clubhouse-style meeting room allows attendees to meet in both private and public rooms. These meeting rooms are designed to provide superior networking opportunities in both hybrid and virtual events.

In simpler words, clubhouse-style meetings rooms are the new way of networking when meeting in person is not possible.

Meet, Network and Connect !

Clubhouse Audio-Video Chat Rooms Features

Ease of Networking

Clubhouse-style meeting rooms offer an organized meeting between speakers, sponsors, and attendees, allowing people to network in the same way they would at any other in-person event. These chat rooms offers a wide range of topics important to your business objectives, and you may form strong bonds with others who share your passions. And if you need assistance in a certain topic, such as social networks, finance, strategic planning, or growth, you can locate someone who has the skills and expertise you require fast.

Eventdex Clubhouse Room
Boost Attendee Engagement

Boost Attendee Engagement

The clubhouse provides several opportunities for engaging with participants, who represent a diverse range of companies. It allows individuals to be vulnerable in a community by allowing live conversations. 

Eventdex's Clubhouse-style meeting rooms offer more engagement options to attendees as it allows them to have audio or video chats with their peers and other participants.

Interactive Sessions

Attendees in clubhouse-style meeting rooms are more active and engaging, and they often do more than they would at a live event. People are more likely to gain interesting ideas the more they engage with others. Audio chat rooms are available in the app, and anybody may join and run them for free. Each area functions as a live, interactive, unfiltered podcast. As a participant, you may ask any question to a presenter. And as a host, you may interact with other attendees or ask the audience for their opinion. Small rooms have an intimate sense to them, and you may meet brilliant individuals who are doing fascinating things.

Interactive Sessions
Meet, Network & Connect

Clubhouse-style meeting rooms Benefits

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Gain Expertise

The clubhouse offers you access to topics that might normally be out of your reach. You can find yourself in a room with people with great knowledge sharing their experiences, that can directly relate to your business. You get the opportunity to listen to people who have accomplished great things and, if you're lucky, ask them specific questions.

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Feedback & Support

The Clubhouse appears to be a highly supportive place. There will be moments when you don't feel comfortable interacting, and there will be times when the conversation is so interesting and relevant that you’ll feel compelled to raise your hand and contribute. In any field of expertise, peer feedback is vital, and Clubhouse makes it easy for everyone to connect and contribute to the conversation because it's an informal setting.

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Volume of content

Clubhouse meeting rooms provide access to a global pool of material. You can listen to conversations about any topic you can think of, and it's a great way to get a sense of what's going on in the world and what people care about. This feature of the clubhouse is wonderful not just because of the huge range of topics it covers, but also because of the complexity of the conversations that take place on it.


Frequently Asked Questions

A clubhouse is a unique form of voice-based social network where individuals from all over the globe can chat, listen, and learn from one another in real-time.

The whole idea for a Clubhouse room is to allow participants to talk. It allows you to join the specific room which are virtual spaces where you may talk with others in a conference call. Users can join and exit the call at any moment.

Anyone can use the app, whether they want to organize an event, participate in public activities, or invite friends, family, and followers.

The Clubhouse is an audio-video-based social network where anyone can spontaneously join voice chat rooms.

To invite someone new to Clubhouse, they must first be a contact on your phone, and you must give Clubhouse permission to access your contacts. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to browse a list of your accessible contacts and search for someone to invite.

By simply using this feature in their event, a user can have access to a Clubhouse meeting rooms without an invite.

Attendees may see all of the individuals they’re following and join in on the conversation or listen along. 

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