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A single app to manage your entire event

Attendees, exhibitors, and event managers – all in one place

event management Solutions

The most affordable offline-accessible event app

No internet? No problem. The event’s agenda, speaker and exhibitor information is now accessible offline. Use our Eventdex platform to update the event itinerary or to post schedule changes out to all your attendees.

View/Email/Print event schedules anytime

No internet connectivity needed

Have schedule changes broadcast instantly to everyone

We provide all the communication channels you need to engage both inside and outside the event

Be it engaging with fellow attendees or matchmaking with event exhibitors, you have the ability to now engage with all those present, at the touch of a button. We also provide real-time social media syncing via our platform in case you want to share your experiences on social media.

Attendee-to-attendee messaging

Instant social media updates

Increase overall event engagement

Collecting essential event data to see what’s working and what’s not

There was never an easier way to collect data imperative to your event’s success. Track which speaker sessions are getting maximum attendee footfall. Conduct real-time polling to assess attendee feedback. Re-analyze your exhibitors’ booth value for future events. Do it all with the Eventdex app.

Live polling and push notifications

Track attendee activity throughout the event

Analyze attendee feedback of your event sessions

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Everything you need to manage your event at the touch of a button.

No need for blowing up your event budget on different apps and tools for each process. Why not stick to a single Event management app that delivers all that you need?

Set up and plan your event with ease

Increase engagement during event

Measure and Boost ROI