Eventdex Case study
Case Study

How the GA Tech shifted to Virtual Platform and drew 200+ attendees with Eventdex


The Challenge

Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) was seeking an integrated solution for an event that will include: 

  • Building a beautiful website for their prestigious event
  • Having an Online Registration System for corporations/manufacturers to register
  • Using a Mobile App that is interactive with information about the schedule, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors
  • Incorporating B2B Matchmaking
  • Creating a Poster Walk Challenge
  • Using On-Demand Polling 
  • And having onsite Badge Printing


The Solution

Eventdex was the perfect choice for GA Tech because we have a complete suite of apps and products to fulfill their requirements. When Covid hit, Eventdex helped Ga Tech seamlessly migrate to their virtual platform providing the same set of services.

GA Tech’s prior events included working with different vendors: one for their website, one for registrations, and another for onsite registration. They also had to do the Poster Walk and B2B Matchmaking manually; that was tedious and exhausting for the event administrator.

The integrated solution provided by Eventdex eliminated the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, automated the Poster Walk and B2B Matchmaking, and provided an excellent experience to run the event by focusing on spending more time in marketing and sales rather than doing manual work.


What we did:

Eventdex was pleased to address the needs of the GA Tech. Eventdex built a custom website to create an awesome experience for their visitors and to motivate them to participate in the event. 

The Online Registration was customized to collect information from both buyer agencies and manufacturers. The registration included questions to collect the appropriate information, such as NAICS codes, certifications, products, and services information along with contact details.

The Mobile App allowed attendees to easily look up the program of the event to identify which workshops and seminars are of interest to the attendees. 

The app had features to highlight the exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers that are participating in the event. The attendees were able to connect using the app. The app was also customized to allow the attendees to participate in the Poster Walk and select the winner for the competition.

The Matchmaking Solution match-leads enabled the buyers and sellers to schedule one-on-one meetings with each other for 15 minutes of dedicated conversation to exchange information about their products and services. Each buyer was given a pre-printed schedule along with the capability statements of each manufacturer they are meeting with.

The Onsite Registration seamlessly printed the badges for attendees participating in the event and automatically checked them to track how many of the registered attendees participated in the event. The mobile onsite registration included an iPad app and a wifi-enabled brother printer with a small footprint to easily admit the attendees.

Eventdex also took care of the payments using their Stripe Payment Gateway and paid the university a single check at the end of the event without having the hassle of dealing with individual payments, refunds, and follow-ups.


The Result

Approximately 200+ attendees attended the event hosted by GA Tech including 8 sponsors and 4 speakers. Close to 16 companies participated in the Poster Walk competition. 

A total of 200 one-on-one appointments were made and resulted in many fruitful conversations with potential business opportunities